Help! Half of my smart things missing after migration

Only half of my SmartThings remained after migrating to new SmartThings App.
How to get all my SmartThings back in the new app? I’m using iOS.

Brand and model of the missing devices? Also, were you using custom DTHs for them?

Unfortunately this has happened to some people during the migration:

New SmartThings App: Half my devices are missing but IDE shows them

Monoprice Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor,
GE dimmers
Schlage lock

In the new app check that you don’t have 2 Home locations (each with some of the devices). That seems to have happened to a number of people.

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I only have one home location there.

You will need to contact ST support and ask them to sync devices from the Classic app to the new app. If they say anything about devices not be supported, ask to speak to higher level of support :slight_smile:
Use the new app, click on the menu and use the contact us section
Or if in US
Call their support number and speak directly with support - which is generally the quickest way

Don’t know if this will help you but it worked for me. I also had several missing devices and what made it worse was that some of them were sensors used in Monitoring. Monitoring was arming using an automation but I was getting these notifications that sensors were offline. So I called support, spent an hour with Rebecca on first level support trying all of her tricks but no joy. stuff like, change the name in IDE etc… She escalated to sync and have been waiting but in the meantime I tried a few things and finally I got it!

One - close the new Smartthings app. Open IDE, then put the devices in question in another room(group in IDE). A room different than the room they were in at migration if they were in one at all. Several of mine were not in rooms at migration. Now open the Smartthings Classic app, I had to re-install because I had deleted it earlier. Go to the room you moved the missing devices and edit that room. Now delete them from that room. Now close the Classic app and open the new app. Scroll down and you will see the once missing items there under devices not assigned to a room. Trust me this worked every time on all missing devices. No clue how but my guess is the migration hit an unknown setup I had & skipped a step.

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This just worked for me. Had a dozen devices unrecognised after migrating. Did the group trick And got them all back with correct names :grin: