New SmartThings App: Half my devices are missing but IDE shows them

I’ve migrated to the new app and half of my devices are missing. ALL of my light switches are missing, one of my two smoke/CO alarms, and half of my thermostats. Of note: my automations at night to turn the porch lights on (and off) are still functioning even after the migration even though I can’t see the lights in my devices list.

IDE is showing all of them, classic is showing all of them.

Home Monitor is showing “1 device offline” and listing the Smoke/CO alarm, however this doesn’t show in the devices list anywhere. The same device shows “online” in the IDE.

All of my light switches and the missing thermostats show online in both the IDE and the classic app.

I’ve tried edit/update in the IDE and edit/save in the classic app, reinstalling the new app, logging in and logging out. None of these seem to fix it. I’ve emailed support as well.

Any other troubleshooting steps I’m missing?

Contact ST support and ask them to sync the data to the new app. :slight_smile:

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What a mess. Thanks.

Just to verify, you have clicked on the menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) select devices and checked that the devices are not appearing there also?

Yes, they do not appear in the devices list from the main menu or in individual rooms in the new app.

Sounds like the sync issue which ST support should be able to resolve easily for you. There have been some users who have experienced this issue when moving to the new app.

Another example why the new app shouldn’t of been released to the public without any beta testing.

The oddity here is that half of my thermostats moved, and half of my smoke alarms. It’s not like there is a difference, it just didn’t move some of them.

ALL of my light switches didn’t move, so maybe there’s something there.


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This isn’t an instance of lack of testing if the new app. The new app apparently uses a service with a separate database than the one used by the Classic app and the IDE. Just because you see the device in the IDE has no bearing on if it’s in the new app. There’s a back-end service that is supposed to keep these databases synchronized. But, this seems to fail regularly when users migrate. When I had my account switched from a SmartThings account to a Samsung account earlier this year, I ended up with many missing devices in the new app. A support ticket (and almost a week of proving to the front-line support there was really a problem) was required to get them to fix it.

There’s a similar synchronization service that updates the device history in the new app. It, too, can fail, and not sure the latest events on a device, even though they show up in the IDE and Classic app.

IMHO, this is an architectural problem. To be fair, they intend to solve this by removing the database and infrastructure the IDE and Classic app use.

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I am also experiencing this same problem. Will contact support to see if they can resolve.

Interestingly, the problem is intermittent for me. Sometimes I see all my devices in the new app, other times only a subset. They’re always all available in the classic app.

That sounds strange. Normally those with sync issues never see their devices

Stranger still — the downstairs smoke alarm went off went we burned some bacon, the notification showed for both old and new app, but this device doesn’t even show in the list on the new app (it’s the same device showing “offline” in the new app if I look at the fire alarm monitor).

That sounded a lot like my situation. After lots of playing around and Googling, I figured out that I had TWO Home locations (would not let me delete the extra location) in my account and after the migration some devices went to one Home location and the rest went to the other. The one that I thought was my main Home had the fewest devices, so I deleted all of them and reinstalled into the “other” Home location. Also had to delete and reinstall a bunch of devices that did not work after migration. So, after all of that, it appears that most everything is back to the way it was, but now in the new app. Only thing that doesn’t work is my Arlo cameras, which appears to be a different problem.

I also had to fix a bunch of my Scenes and SmartApps that got broken in the migration. It was a really poor job of migrating from Samsung.

Hope this helps!

When I called support, I discovered that the migration process created two homes in the new app. The main home had a television that I did not have in the old app, and was the only one I could see. The secondary home had all of my smart devices.

Cody, my support representative, had me delete the home with the television. Now all of my apps and routines show in the new app.