Smartthing migration: None of my devices are shown in new app

I’m a little late to the party but I did migrate (somehow) last year to new app but never really checked things since my automations were working but now that I want to change some schedules, I tried to open the app and none of my devices are showing up (mainly old outlets from GE I think).

Any suggestions/ideas to figure this out? I dont even see my hub in the app, my scenes and room have tranfered though…

Thanks in advance,


Check if you may have multiple locations, in which case, you simply need to switch to the location containing your hub and devices. To check, click on the home icon in the upper left of the screen

Thanks for the suggestion - I only have 1 location unfortunately, and from that location if I go to devices I do see my rooms and “All devices” but no devices at all…

Contact ST support. They can investigate the issue for you.

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One of the first items you will need to do when your devices appear is to assign the hub to a room.

kk I’ll send them a note - I dont even see my hub right now from the app.

thanks again for the quick replies

@jkp would you have an email I could use for smart things support? The Samsung support site does not seem to know they own smart things…

All the info should be available in the app. Click on Menu in the lower right of the screen, then click on Settings (cog in upper right ) and select Help from the main screen.

But if in US…