My Devices have gone missing

Hello Everyone!!!

I am a newbie here. I have been using smartthings for just over 6 months and still learning.

Hopefully someone can help…

I removed (Deleted) certain devices from the IDE… Devices I had tried and then returned.

After this all my rooms from the apps have gone missing. Randomly devices have also gone missing… Looks Kasa Plugs, Ikea buttons etc.

Have restarted the hub… The Smartthings App but to no avail.

Is there a way to retrieve my old configuration?

Tagging @Brad_ST @SamsungZell… Was reading another post that re-syncing might help. Any advise is helpful.

Do you see the missing devices and rooms in the IDE? If not, syncing won’t help.

I do see the devices in IDE. Not the rooms.

I spent over half a day to discover devices in the App again. So for now syncing is not required.

Is there a way that the user can initiate this?

Editing/Updating a location triggers some syncs but if that doesn’t work it usually requires intervention from SmartThings staff.

Thanks for your help @Brad_ST

For now I feel I am ok.

Going forward, how do I request for a Sync.

I wouldn’t expect you to need a sync but if you are seeing devices in the IDE that aren’t in the app you should contact support via the app. There is a help option in the overflow (hamburger) menu.