Hello home smartapp deleted

Could a smartthings admin please add the hello home smartapp for me please? I accidentally deleted it in the IDE and cannot create any new routines in classic app. Had no idea that would happen. I emailed support but they don’t appear to have a clue how to fix it. Thank you so much

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You are screwed. Did you really delete the main app? I deleted 2 built-in child apps and couldn’t get anyone to reinstall them for me.

Thank you!!!

Haha I did because my routines weren’t triggering. I found others who had support reinstall it on the back end for them. I know these forum guys are capable, saw a few threads where they did it

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I know, but those are likely before the new app was released. If it’s someone who can save the day, that would be @Brad_ST. Good luck to you. And keep us posted.

@Dmasjz45 You’re good to go. I also edited out your email in your original post.

@HA_fanatic If you need Hello Home added back, feel free to DM me and I’ll help.


Thank you so much!!! I could nominate you for a Nobel prize!!


Can you hello me get hello home reinstalled?

You should be all set.


Thank you so much

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Hi I have an adt smartthings hub and i cant set routines or change the mode to away home etc, i saw this post ando i think i deleted the hello home app. Could you pelease hello me? Sorry about the nada spelling i really haté autocorrectors in other languages lol

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