Deleted Routines in IDE and need Help Pls

I was trying to update my routines and I accidently clicked delete Home and all my routines deleted which wasn’t a big deal.

Problem now is when I click add routine, the app gives me an error.

Any ideas how I can add all my routines back?

Thanks in advance.

Try again :slightly_smiling:

So everything is back again, how did that happen?

I fixed it for you :slightly_smiling:

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Didn’t expect to get a resolution this quick.

Thank you kindly!!!


I have managed to do the same thing. Is the only way of restoring this to contact support?

All I did was post the topic and Support automatically reset my account.

Contacted support who quickly fixed the problem.

I have also done the same thing! Can an admin reset mine too?

Slagel, are you able to reset my routines? I have the same problem as the original poster.
Many thanks

I’m having he same issue

Contact Support

Looks like when I was trying to migrate to my new v2 hub I whacked my routines and I am getting the same error. Can someone from support reset my routines?