Hello Home Module

I’ve read that @brad_st is able to reinstall the Hello Home SmartApp. I would like to have min reinstalled as I have given up on the new Smartthings app and have gone back to the smartthings classic app. I am currently unable to create any routines.

If you’re having to rebuild the Routines anyway, I’d recommend using Scenes and custom automations to replicate the functionality but I re-installed Hello Home for you.

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Thanks brad. Everything showed up. I wasn’t able to replicate the functionality of “I’m back” using scenes or any other automated method.

I wish the new app was fully complete with the functionality of the classic app.

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I tried too @Brad_ST, but I ran into several issues (still have an open and active ticket “805216”). I got to the point where creating any new scene or custom automation would fail 100% of the time with the message “A network or server error occurred. Try again later.”. It started with SHM crashing and it got worse from there.

Like @stvboling, I’m back to using Classic all the time now.

Even though I removed every scene and custom automation created in the new app, there’s still a ghost “Goodbye!” scene that keeps running in the new app even though I don’t have one.

You should be able to use “Member location” in the “If” and “Run scenes” for the “Then”.

You’re experiencing some very unique and frustrating issues. I don’t know if it is related to your account transfer but in my brief digging, SmartThings Home Monitor wasn’t returning any devices because it didn’t think you owned any devices. Your support ticket needs to be escalated if it hasn’t been already.

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lol, sometimes I wish I didn’t…

Yup, I believe it has. Thanks for the reply.

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Hey Brad, I deleted my routines as well and see you can reset that somehow. Worked great for my action tiles and Alexa commands. Appreciate the help!