Hello, Home phrases not being executed

Anyone else having this problem? My Hello, Home phrases aren’t running this afternoon and I’m not getting notifications. “I’m Home” didn’t happen when my roommate came home and I didn’t get my usual notification that the garage door had been opened. It’s not just the notifications missing, either. They aren’t listed in the “Hello, Home” page of the app as having happened.

Worked fine for me. In fact just few minutes back two actions got triggered to turn on all lights and second one to turn on all outside holiday lights 24 minutes before sunset and it was on the dot.

Not sure if this matters did you by chance reboot your hub? We all did today.

After you power cycle the Hub click on REFRESH in “Things”.

Nope, I haven’t been home since 8am. I can reboot it when I get home.

@smart ok stupid question- is the best way to reboot hub to unplug power, count to thirty and plug power back in or is there a better/different/suggested way? Sorry really new at this ST stuff

It’s the smartest thing I do occasionally!you can reboot it from the IDE too… But for the time being power plug from behind the hub, give it a minutes to chill out and then you can start chilling!

@smart Ok thank you I will give that a try. See if I can get this thing back to normal :smiley:

Didn’t realize it until just now but I’m having the same issue. Phrases appear to execute, but don’t actually change the mode.

not working for me either. Phrases happen, mode change doesn’t. Even more frustrating is I don’t see how I can change mode manually without using the broken phrases. I see you can do it on iOS, but not on android

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