Harmony Home update for previous gen devices now available

The Harmony Home software is now available for all Harmony Ultimate, Ultimate One, Ultimate Hub, Touch, Smart Control and Smart Keyboards…



Has anyone got this to work yet? It says you can’t go back so I don’t want to take the plunge if it just bricks my unit.

I upgraded and got new functionality along with a redesigned GUI, but I received a message when trying to add ST that my Ultimate was not compatible. The error indicated that I would need a Home Control product to add ST.

Well, that’s gonna suck if that’s the case.

Its working fine here. Added a activity to switch to my cameras on my main TV when my doorbell rings. :slight_smile:

I don’t have an option to add the ST hub. I just have Hue and Nest. @celblazer, do you have a Harmony Home remote or a previous gen one?

I have an old ultimate. Just added smartthings as a device on the harmony. Haven’t tried adding harmony into the smartthings app as I don’t need that right now,

Damn, I have an older ultimate as well, and that is not an option for me. I just emailed Logitech support with a WTF? :smile:

I upgraded the firmware on my hub, but after Smartthings finds the hub, I can’t add switches to control, getting a “Failed to save page: deviceAuthorization” error. Any ideas?

I’m having that same problem: "“Failed to save page: deviceAuthorization” error.

Upgraded a couple weeks ago. Had same issue. Got this response from ST support:

A recent firmware update from Logitech actually broke the integration
between the SmartThings Hub and the Logitech Harmony Hub. We’re working
with Logitech on moving from a LAN-based integration to a cloud-to-cloud
integration, and we hope to release a fix in the near future.
I’ll be sure to follow up once the the new integration is available.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

The blog post and the press release from Logitech don’t actually say the update is available now; they say it should be available soon.

The firmware version which incorporates this functionality has not been publicly released by Logitech yet.

Note that, for situations where you want SmartThings to control the Logitech Harmony (rather than the reverse), we will also need SmartThings to finalise the testing of and then release their new cloud-to-cloud integration which @thegibertchan posted about here.


I got the update a couple weeks ago, but in May. As the press release said - sometime in May. Unless there’s a second one I’ll be getting as well?

I’m hearing a couple of different things, is the firmware update available or not? Sounds like some people have it and others don’t so maybe it’s a very slow roll out? @celblazer, which version of the firmware do you have after your update?

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The last public firmware release for the older Harmony hubs was v4.4.36 and was released on April the 16th.

Updated apps for Android and iOS came out subsequently (iOS app v4.2 came out on May 7th). Updating one of these if you use them may have prompted you to update the hub’s firmware.

Ref: http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Harmony-Hub-Based-Remotes/Harmony-Release-Notes-UPDATED-May-7th/td-p/1042729

The blog post and press release from Logitech have said the new firmware will be released in May (which has almost ended).

A Logitech representative has posted on their forums that it will be released this week (bear in mind, however, that dates have slipped in the past).

Ref: http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Harmony-Hub-Based-Remotes/Cannot-upgrade-firmware/td-p/1408763

A small number of us who are participating in the Logitech beta program have this new firmware (or at least a precursor to whichever version is publicly released).

The current, publicly available firmware from Logitech is v4.4.36. This was released back in April and does not include the SmartThings integration functionality.

Per my post above, Logitech are saying the public release of the new version which does include the ability to integrate with SmartThings is imminent.

I’m not at home to check, but I did just receive this email from Logitech support:

We’re glad to inform you that a new firmware for Harmony remotes has been released few hours ago which will enable your Harmony Ultimate to add and control Home Control Devices and IFTTT.

Can anyone confirm?

Mine is loading now…

4.5.66 is the new firmware version. However, mine gets a authorization timeout when attempting to add devices.

There is also a new App. I’m downloading it to see if it fixes it…

OK, that did it. You need both the new Harmony hub firmware and App.

Now SmartThings needs to release their beta so we can control Harmony actions through SmartThings.

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Yes - whenever you update the firmware on your Harmony Hub you should also ensure you are running the latest version of the app on your Android or iOS devices.

Note: The updated apps may not be immediately available on all app stores. E.g. the updated iOS app (v4.3.79) has not yet made it to the Australian Apple app store as I write this.

Also note that you can set up the SmartThings integration through the desktop MyHarmony software - you don’t need to use the mobile apps. In MyHarmony:

  1. From the gallery, select your remote
  2. On the left hand side, select Devices
  3. Near the top centre, select the Home Control tab
  4. Click Add Device
  5. In the Add Home Control Device dialog, click the Add button for

MyHarmony will then open a browser window, taking you to SmartThings, which will prompt you for your account credentials.

Once you have logged in, SmartThings will then prompt you to select which devices it should allow Logitech to access.

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