Logitech harmony intergration broken?

Just had to start from scratch as my old V2 hub was giving trouble. ST support was great in expediting a new hub to me.

Trying connect my harmony hub back to smart things I’m having some issues. In the harmony app I can add SmartThings but when I get to the page where I can select devices to intergrate every device I select brings back up the screen where I can select my ST hub. No device will actually select and I can’t even hit authorized. Anyone else having similar issues?

I had to remove all of the existing Harmony virtual switches and apps and start from scratch. Try that as painful as it is.

Thanks for the reply. Not sure if I understand correctly as I just started from scratch as well… ST sent me a new hub.

I deleted and re-added Logitech smart app, brought activities into SmartThings, that worked fine. I then deleted the SmartThings intergration from the harmony app and re-added… that’s where the issue is. Every time I select a device (light switch, motion sensor etc.) I get the pop up asking which hub do I want to use… I click my hub again, device list pops up, select a device, pop up asking which hub to use.

I’m just gonna call Logitech and see what they say