Official Harmony integration down? (June 2024)

Anyone else experiencing a failure to access their Smartthings devices through the Harmony app and the Official ST integration? I tried the procedure to re-login to retrieve the ST devices and it found none. I hope this is temporary and I hope I don’t have to reconfigure the remote buttons once the ST devices can be retrieved again.

Same here. Harmony support says it’s a SmartThings problem and SmartThings support says they are no longer supporting Logitech/Harmony. Hoping for a workaround.

If you want to go down the workaround path, you can look into this:

However, I recall it not having a way for you to assign the home automation buttons on the remote to trigger ST actions. But I could be mistaken.

Thank you, I appreciate the lead. I think I may have read about that earlier today, but to be honest, I can barely understand what it’s suggesting. I need a “for dummies” version.

I don’t much care if I can’t trigger ST devices with the remote buttons, but I need ST devices to react as part of Harmony activities’ START & END sequences. Would this driver (?) do that?

I suspect not. I think it’s primarily a way to use ST to control devices that your Harmony can control. (But I haven’t delved too deep into it to know 100%)

Hi. New here, wondering if anyone else has run into problems controlling SmartThings devices with the Logitech Harmony hub remotes. Seems the partner integration disappeared sometime in the last few days. SmartThings support tells me Logitech/Harmony is no longer supported. Any known workarounds? I have (had) a few SmartThings routines & devices that were triggered by the Harmony remote.

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Yep you can do this, you get a set of button devices in ST relating to each activity in Harmony. When Harmony turns an activity on/off this is reflected in the ST buttons and vice versa from ST to Harmony.

Works well :+1:

(@TylerDurden )


Can you detail how to do this? I’m seeing integration from harmony but not from st. I have it installed and connected. For example I have a smart switch, connected through st, that I need to trigger in harmony routines.

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That would be awesome! Can you explain it to me like I’m in kindergarten?

As it was, I had virtual switches set up in ST. They were added thru Harmony as HOME CONTROL devices. Starting an activity in Harmony would turn the virtual switch on, triggering a routine in ST.

Any guidance appreciated.

@Kaelaria & @UnkPaul

It is all in the referenced thread, once you have the driver installed and set up pointing to the IP of your Harmony hub you will get a switch for each Harmony activity (note Harmony activity not device):

These ST devices will reflect on/off status set from Harmony and Harmony will recognise and action on/off requests from ST.

They can then be used in ST routines as an on/off trigger or action:

You will not see any ST devices in Harmony. Hope this helps… :+1:


Got working thanks. That’s what I was missing, that it’s all done in a st routine.


I have a harmony hub that used to be connected to Smartthings and the devices (lights and switches) from Smarthings were showing up in Harmony and I was able to control them from Harmony app/remote. But couple of days ago I saw that all these devices were offline in Harmony app and I tired to re-fresh, re-authorize them with Smartthings and still there were offline. Then I remove them from Harmony and when I try to add them, back, Harmony app fails to retrieve them.
Does anyone experience a similar problem?

P.S. In parallel I’ve contacted Logitech support and they said that they were looking into it (so far no updates from them).

Thank you! I will take a look

Thanks so much. Anxious to try this out.

Ok, I read/skimmed a lot of 842 posts in that thread. I got the V2 driver set up with no problems, but that’s about it. I don’t get a list of Harmony activities. Any idea where I’m going wrong?

The devicelist has what looks like a ton of activities and device commands, but no activity “switches” have shown up in SmartThings.

The best thing to do would to ask in that thread. Maybe the developer can help you.

In st just create a new routine. For the trigger choose device status. Pick an activity start or off.

Hallo Andrei, ich habe seit gestern Abend (14.06.24) das gleiche Problem. Ich habe eine Bridge von Smart Live (China Standard) zu SmartThings, die funktioniert auch noch. Ich hatte SmartThings in der Harmony eingebunden. Ging alles super bis gestern Abend. Ich habe versucht, das mit der MyHarmonyApp zu reparieren nun habe ich SmartThings nicht mehr in der HarmonyApp und bekomme die auch nicht mehr rein. Hat jemand schon eine Lösung? Für was steht ST eigentlich?

Tried this. No Harmony Activities or Switches show up when selecting device status.