Harmony Remotes - Compatible Models?

Which models are compatible with ST?

Harmony Ultimate Home and Elite - Yes.

Any that have the Hue Hub. No hub= no internet= no SmartThings or Alexa integration

No that’s a typo. He meant Harmony Hub. I have 4 of them and they work great with ST. The integration has been solid for awhile after a “rocky” beginning.

So any with a hub? I have an older one with a hub that isn’t recognized. I guess my question is, is it the ones with home in the name only?

Yes, Harmony made the older hubs backwards compatible via a firmware update. Initially they wanted to charge people like $10 to upgrade but I am not sure if that’s the case anymore.

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Thank you. I have 2 newer ones and a couple older ones (with hubs). I was hoping the older ones would work, but they are not recognized by the connect app. So I started wondering if all harmony hubs are created equal (all the ones that I have with home in the name work). I was trying to decide between resurrecting an older one or buying a new one for a different use case. Now I’m stuck - is it an ST/Harmony integration issue (been there before), or something else. The firmware is up to date.

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@Mbhforum @RLDreams I contacted Logitech, and they said only devices with “Home” in the name work. According to them it’s not just anything with a hub.

EDIT: I should have said, I finally got a response from Logitech.

Logitech lies :cold_sweat: . As @Mbhforum already said They tried that scam to get everybody to buy a new hub a couple years ago. Then pushed the same FW to all the hubs .

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Agreed. Motive.

Which model do you have?

One of my “old” ones is the high end model right before the Home Ultimately (I think it was called the Ultimate at the time).

@RLDreams @Mbhforum So it appears that the issue is the ST integration. I contacted support, but since the Harmony integration is classified as labs (as it’s been for a couple of years now), they don’t and won’t support it (blah blah blah).

Any ideas @slagle?

Install the Alexa Harmony skill and then when you yell at the Tv it will respond ?

Won’t work for what I’m doing. Thanks though.

So the firmware versions are matching on all hubs yet some don’t connect?

Yes. Up to date. Two of four are found.

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Found a work around. PITA.