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We just upgraded our Harmony Touch to a Harmony Ultimate Home and I was excited to see that it said right on the box that it supported Smartthings. I did get everything set up on the Logitech side, but am unable to set up on the ST side. I saw a note on the support page that it’s still broken. From my reading it looks like it’s been broken since last winter. Are there any plans to get this up and running? Any work arounds?


We also just recently upgraded our Harmony 650 to a Harmony Ultimate Home and were also expecting SmartThings support right out of the box. We were also disappointed to find that it was broken. I guess it was my fault that I didn’t look on the Harmony page ahead
of time.

However, there is a way using IFTTT and virtual switches to override.
You can create a virtual switch, link it to IFTTT and use it as the trigger for a rule. Then, you can use the Harmony channel to start/end an activities. Rinse and repeat for each activity.
Unfortunately this is the only currently available workaround, but you must keep in mind that the team at SmartThings is working hard on Hub V2 and likely don’t have as an many resources to dedicate to fixing this issue.

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A new version of the SmartThings–>Harmony integration is currently going through testing.

The following thread is where you should be able to see updates on this as they come to hand. You’ll note that it’s quite a long thread - I’ve provided a link to the (current) bottom end where @thegibertchan provides an update, telling us that it is queued for testing by Logitech.

I can confirm the testing is underway as im part of it and the new integration works seamlessly both ways its perfect for activity uses etc :slight_smile: i believe it is due to go public to everyone on ST later this month once any small glitches found by other testerd are rectified and all is approved by both ST and Harmony :slight_smile: so in reply it will be all back on track for everyone very very soon :slight_smile:


That’s great news! Guess my timing was nearly perfect! :slight_smile:

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Yes great timing . . . I was one of the unfortunate few/many who had to go a year with it been defunct but they’ve done a great job and its all fine now, make sure to sign up to the newsletters as im sure when testing is fully done and made public it will be announced there :slight_smile:

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I have the ultimate home also and it is working. Once its set up through the harmony it should work. You cant make any changes to the app in smartthings but all my devices that I registered during the harmony setup work.

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I have a home hub with a defective one way harmony connection as described above using my ST v2 hub. ST won’t connect or list any Harmony activities. Harmony lists and controls ST devices. ST Support chat is aware and referred me to the Logitech beta site. Total dead end! IFTTT is unreliable. Does anybody know any workarounds? I got all this to use echo to turn on my TV and feel like ST misrepresentated their product.

Rob, you might want to take another crack at this. The integration had trouble recently as evidenced by lots of feedback in the other Harmony thread, but is working again for several users.

Remove all Logitech SmartApps from ST. Check your Harmony account to see if you have any unused, old and/or offline hubs. If there are any, either remove them or make sure they are connected as ST will try to discover all Home Hubs in your Logitech account and fail if one is offline. Then follow the instructions in the below post to start the integration/hub discovery.

I still can not get the Harmony Hub to integrate into Smartthings. I can get Logitech Harmony (Connect) configured until I get to the option to select hubs and then it just doesn’t find my Harmony Hubs. I just see:

Select Harmony Hubs (0 Found)

I have no issues from the Logitech > Smartthings side, just the Smartthings > Logitech. Which is a pain because I want to use the hub in my Good Morning routine. :frowning:

I also get a note at the bottom of the screen that says “Connection to the hub timed out. Please restart the hub and try again.”

I have restarted, I have deleted app and re-signed in and no go. This is so frustrating!

I am having the same issue as the above users. Did anybody find a fix for this. I just bought the harmony home hoping I could get some routines working with the Google Home. My Harmony can see the SmartThings hub but the SmartThings hub is unable to find the Harmony hub for some reason.

  1. Go to the SmartThings app
  2. Select “Add a Things” at the bottom of the list
  3. Select “Add Devices Manually”
  4. Select “SmartThings Labs”
  5. Select “Logitech Harmony Home Hub”
  6. Enter your Logitech login information.