Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

I’ll contribute to the bounty on it if anyone is willing. I assume the same DTH will work for the stand alone receiver. If its ever released…

Any progress or update on getting the Fan controller working with SmartThings? I am also eagerly waiting on a solution.


Ditto. I’d buy like 4 of these right now if I could get them paired to ST.


I’d love to see these work, or open wifi/zwave fans, but for now I’m looking into RF blasters. I fear that we won’t have a directly integrated smart fan for quite some time. Also, the price premium is kinda crazy…

If you find a fan with an RF controller, it may work with harmony, in which case you get integration with SmartThings that way, but you don’t get status back if someone uses the RF remote to turn the fan on. That may not matter, but just something to be aware of.

You can look up a potential fan in the harmony database to see if it will work


That’s one of the biggest advantages of a zigbee controller, that you should be able to get status as well.

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That link returns compatible for my Hampton Bay Windward II fans, but I dunno if I believe it. I’d buy a hub just to control these, but have been burned by Harmony before.

Any idea where I can find detailed info on just what can be controlled… and whether they are discrete commands?

I’d write and ask harmony support. Or check the harmony forums. :sunglasses:

Their forums are worthless as is their support… was hoping you had first (or at least second) hand info.

I have a friend who has it working with the Lutron fan switch I’ve mentioned before. Lots of online success stories for the Dyson fans with IR and the KDK IR models. But I don’t recall anything for your particular model. Might be easiest to just pick up a harmony at Best Buy and see if it works. :sunglasses:

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I know from reading the thread on the Securifi Key Fob you guys were able to figure out how to make a device handler for zigbee devices. Is there any hope that something like that may be possible with this Hampton Bay one? Back on post #58 @knight_isa is having some success in at least paring it but it isn’t talking to ST. So the best I can tell the first step is to find out if the Hampton Bay controller is using public clusters? What do you all think? Can anyone help? [quote=“JohnR, post:10, topic:15453, full:true”]
I don’t have one so its difficult to write anything. I have helped people in the past remotely if they send me their device’s join log entry. They need to watch the hub’s log while the device joins the network for the first time. Open the “join” entry and cut and past the description into this thread it will look something like this:

description desc: 38 0104 0007 00 03 0000 0003 0004 01 000C

Once we have that information I will look up the cluster numbers and if they are public clusters we will be able to control the device. If they are private clusters then we will need the documentation for the usage of those clusters.
@JDRoberts I don’t think I should have posted this here. Does this need to be move over to a connected devices forum?

This is fine for now. If somebody actually wants to start working on a device type handler, you should start a new thread in the following section of the forum:


The first step is for someone to capture the fingerprint from the log at the exact moment of pairing. That will tell you whether it’s a ZHA 1.2 device or not. So you need to participation of someone who has the actual device and is willing to work on the project.


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Anybody with this device are you willing to try to grab the fingerprint from the log to see if this device has the potential to be SmartThings capable for us? You can follow the directions on the post I put up earlier. I am willing to put up the effort if the dog gone device ever got in stock at my local HomeDepot. :frowning:


Happy to help if you can get the fingerprint.

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Thanks! Come on people who have the fan, we are waiting for you :slight_smile: [quote=“dalec, post:72, topic:47463”]
So you need the participation of someone who has the actual device and is willing to work on the project.

Sounds like someone needs to find and ship the fan to dalec!

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I don’t have it but willing to send $20 or so to @dalec or anyone who wants to take a stab at a DTH for it.

I have the Hampton Bay controller, WINK 2, and a Smart Things hub. I’ll try to find some time to capture the handshake.

BTW it is an awesome controller. I bought it through the Hampton Bay replacement parts line and installed it in an older fan. So nice to have Alexa control the lights and fan. I only wish it was Z-Wave.

How much was it? Did you order a wall remote too?

I believe it came to $70 for controller and remote, plus $12 for shipping. They said I can save by waiting for the retail pack, but I said I can’t wait any longer. Plus I’m not sure the retail unit has reverse. My Wink relay is in the same room so I use that as a wall remote.

I am able to connect the fan to ST and see the fingerprint. It uses ZHA and I am able to start creating a device handler. I got the light working along with dimming. And I was able to read the states for the fan speed including Breeze mode. Currently cleaning up my code and working on getting the fan to work with ST. I am fairly new to ST (coming from Wink), any help in making it better would be appreciated.

Here is the description if anyone else is interested.

Endpoint 01
Profile ID 0104
Device ID 000E
Device version 00
Number of in/server clusters 07
List of In/server clusters 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 0202
Number of out/client clusters 02
List of out/client clusters 0003 0019