Groovy IDE Migration questions

My understanding is that the shut-down of the Groovy IDE has been pushed to December 31st from September which is good. Furthermore that if the devices are shown as ‘Placeholder’ in the IDE, then they have been migrated to an Edge driver and I need not do anything else. Is this correct?

The problems I see with my installation are:

  1. I have an action that is run by a Webcore piston on a random basis between two times. I do not see this as an option in automations and I need to deal with that
  2. I am showing my three ‘Ecobee’ thermostats have not migrated. Will there be Edge drivers for them and is any action needed on my part?
  3. I have five wall-mounted tablets for control, status and voice announcements and they are running the popular Fully Kiosk Browser. Is an Edge driver being released for the Fully browser?
  4. Also on those tablets I am running ActionTiles. I thought I saw that AT is working on a solution when Groovy is shut down. Is that correct?
  5. I have multiple Ecolink Z-Wave sensors to detect garage door status, mail detection etc that are not showing as ‘placeholder’. Will these not work after Groovy goes away?
  6. I have a Tuya RGBW Zigbee strip light controller. This is also not showing as ‘placeholder’ so will that work after Groovy goes away?
  7. Is it definite that Webcore pistons will no longer work with SmartThings? If so I have a bunch of work to do to write automations and prove them out.



How is your Ecobee connected? Via Smartapp or Linked service?
If it’s Link d service then you don’t. Need to do anything
If it’s through a Smartapp like Ecobee Suite then that will stop working and you will need to switch over to the Linked Service. You will loose functionality when you do this since the linked service does not have all the bells and whistles that the smartapp do. You can read more about alternatives here

This has been requested but none has built an alternative for the FKB DTH. I believe you can do something with it using the webrequestor driver by Tustin but you have to host part of it on your own server.

This means they have not been converted to Edge drivers yet. Look in the IDE for the fingerprint and then you can search the forum for a driver or look in the SmartThings GitHub and see if the fingerprint is in a driver.

Yes. Webcore is groovy based and will no longer work. Several people are starting to use SharpTools rule engine but it is not as robust and you have to rethink a lot of your logic when recreating pistons. You can find several discussions on SharpTools in the forum. Although since you already use Action Tiles that may not interest you.


If these are the Ecolink Tilt Sensor 2 (zwave) or 2.5ECO (zwave plus), we have an Edge driver coming very soon to cover those. Its being tested now.


Thanks! I believe they are 2.5ECO sensors so I will await the release of the new driver. The part number is DWZWAVE2.5-ECO


All my wifi connected devices are showing placeholder status in the IDE but ALL my zigbee and zwave devices are not. They show things like Door Lock, Type ZigBee Lock. What does this mean in terms of the new migration? Thanks.
Forgot to add all the zigbee and zwave devices not showing “placeholder” are devices by Kwikset (locks), Zooz (sensors and remote switches) and Sengled (lighting). Will this group be adding new edge integration to their products?

It means they have not been converted to Edge drivers yet. Look in the IDE for the fingerprint and then you can search the forum for a driver or look in the SmartThings GitHub and see if the fingerprint is in a driver.

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Thanks but I am not very knowledgeable about this, what do you mean Look in the IDE for the fingerprint ? I don’t see any such heading.

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Look at the device’s page in IDE, the fingerprint info (for non-placeholder types) will appear in the “Raw Description” row, and sometimes in the Data row.

Its likely that those haven’t migrated yet. Most of my stuff migrated already except my locks and thermostats. While I personally haven’t checked fingerprints, I’m using ST default handlers and i expect them to migrate. Even if specific device fingerprints may not be in an edge driver, many have a catchall to provide minimum functionality. My Aqara illuminance sensors are a good example. The show lux values but not battery %, and im good with that.

The Ecolink tilt sensors should work.

As part of the beta all of my Ecolink tilt sensors show placeholders and work with all of my routines.

The requirements to get a ZigBee or Z-Wave device migrated to an Edge driver now, before automatic migration, are not at all clear.

Is it necessary to join the beta program for the hub or can custom Edge drivers be added to the non-beta hub firmware?

What actually triggers a device to hunt for an Edge driver?

Are you talking about a custom edge driver or a production edge driver?

If you want to use a custom edge driver, that’s tedious but well documented.

The Following only applies during this transition When both groovy DTHs and edge drivers are available.

Note that this does mean that you will have to re-create any routines and automations you have referring to the device. That’s only true during the transition period.

You do not have to be subscribed to the Beta.

A. If your device is currently using a custom DTH:

  1. Delete the device from your account.

  2. If the device was using a custom DTH, either delete that from your account or comment out the matching fingerprint.

  3. Follow the channel link that the author will give you. Subscribe your hub to the channel and select the individual drivers you want to download.

  4. The drivers you selected will be automatically downloaded. This might take only a few seconds, it might take a few hours.

  5. Once the driver is on your hub, re-add the device. It should automatically select the custom edge driver.

  6. Re-create your routines and automations.

B. If your device is currently using a production Groovy DTH, skip step 1, and just start with step two above. custom Edge Drivers are given priority over production groovy DTHs right now.

C. If your device is currently using a production edge driver, follow steps 3 and 4 above to download the custom edge driver to your hub. Then you should just be able to go to the device details in the app and switch from one driver to another. Note that any additional new devices with the same fingerprint that you add to your account will now use the custom edge Driver, because it has priority over the production edge driver. Again, you can go to the device details in the app and switch drivers for an individual device if you want to.

For more details, like how to tell what drivers are on your hub and how to remove a driver if you don’t want it anymore, see the community FAQ:

I don’t know anyway to get production edge drivers on demand right now if they aren’t already on your hub except by subscribing to the beta channel, but hopefully someone else will chime in if there is a way. :thinking:

Currently migrations, in the sense of on the fly changes from DTH to Edge Driver without a requirement for any user action, are being trialled on a list of users who were registered to receive hub beta firmware. I believe this is a snapshot taken on a certain date and I am quite probably not on it myself because I temporarily had a mismatch between my registered hub and account e-mail. So as far as I am aware there isn’t any action you can take.

That is the only restriction. Switching devices to Edge drivers by removal and reinstallation is available to anyone. Edge drivers take priority over stock DTHs, but custom DTHs still trump them both. For certain devices considered to be in production an Edge driver will be automatically installed. For other drivers you must install the Edge driver manually.

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Normally the device doesn’t hunt for it. The hub decides based on the presence on that hub of an edge Driver with a matching fingerprint for the new device being added. This only occurs when a new device is being added to that hub.

If you are asking about the automatic migration without doing a device add, which is a special event during this time of transition, I agree that’s not entirely clear. People who are enrolled in the beta are having it happen for them as new production edge drivers are being added to their hubs. But I don’t think it’s any different for them than anybody else if it’s a custom edge driver. :thinking:

I was under the impression that some production edge drivers were being rolled out for everyone Little by little, with the automatic migration due to start happening September 30, but @Automated_House might know more about that.

This is the issue for me. I really don’t want to dive into a beta. I have, so far, had very clean hub (V2) firmware upgrade cycles.

Here’s my specific concern. I have a number of Zooz 500-series switches and dimmers, mostly ZEN26, and ZEN27 with one ZEN21. I have been going along thinking these were very vanilla devices and would automatically migrate to Edge when the time comes.

@JDRoberts did a long post on one of the very long threads here where he mentioned “devices no longer being manufactured” as possibly not getting automatic migration.

At the present moment, I have no custom DTHs on my hub. Everything is running on stock, “built-in” DTHs.

It would do wonders for my peace of mind if I could get one of each device type that I own to migrate to an Edge driver.

I am also unclear on what constitutes a device fingerprint for both Zwave and ZigBee devices. The term is used extensively and all I’ve seen is a vague pointer to multiple different fields visible in the IDE.

I have a Zooz Zen23 switch and it is paired with the stock Z-Wave switch edge driver for months. No issues to date.


It would be nice if the developers could provide a migration button in the app that would allow a one time move for each device from a DTH (stock or custom) to an Edge driver. Then we could migrate at our own schedule and with confidence, instead of waiting for batch conversions that may or may not work hovering over like a dark cloud. I know you can exclude/include devices to end up with the same result but that requires a lot more work.

If a device is still on a DTH, the “Driver” menu appears but you get a conversion button instead of the Edge driver detail… That would help explain DTH vs Edge to people as well instead of the Driver option just being missing.


An authoritative explantion of fingerprints is here.

The “fingerprint” is a combination of manufacturer code (“mfr”), product (“prod”), and “model.” Each is a 16-bit value expressed as 4 hexadecimal digits. For example, the fingerprint for the Zooz ZEN32 is “027A-7000-A008” - “mfr” 027A is Zooz, “prod” is 7000, “model” is A008.

The smartthings CLI reports the complete fingerprint as “deviceManufacturerCode”, and the “prod-model” portion (“7000-A008”) as “deviceModel.”

If an exact match for the fingerprint appears in an enrolled channel’s fingerprints.yml file, then SmartThings will install and assign the driver.


Thank you very much!!

Thanks but not beeing a software/IT person I am really struggling with this entire process. Does the “placeholder” designation as Device Type on all my wifi devices mean they have not yet been migrated over to the the new Edge drivers as well? I am fine with waiting until the ST migration plan automatically (?) switches all my devices (wifi, zigbee, zwave) over and I don’t have to go looking for the correct drivers myself. However is that the way it is planned to work if I don’t want to do anything now? I only have a couple custom (?) DH that I had to copy and then publish when I originally got my Zooz devices in order to get them to work with ST at the time. Will the new Zooz Edge drivers take care of this as well? Thanks so much.