Jasco / GE Zigbee light switches are all offlined

They are all placeholder local devices, and officially smartthings supported devices.
Is this issue happening only for my hub?

Looks like you’ve been away from the forums for a while… :wink:

You may want to read the following thread which explains the changes happening at SmartThings, and how that may affect your hub. Your devices may be in the middle of the transition from Groovy drivers to Edge drivers. Others reported periods of time where there devices did not work until the migration from Groovy to Edge was complete.

most of my Ge and Jasco switches have gone offline after they auto migrated. I have had to exclude them and then include them and then they worked fine after that. All of them would not exclude and I had to pull the air gap and wait 30 seconds and then the exclusion worked. These are devices that have worked for years without any issues. I’m also having the same issue with Zigbee devices after they auto migrated. They go offline and never come back until I remove them and add them back. I feel that some of the devices that get auto migrated just stop working until they are removed and added back.

Both my Zwave and Zigbee mesh’s were rock solid for the last couple of years until Smartthings started migrating my devices and now there are problems every day. I have around 20 devices still on DTH that have not been auto migrated. I think that I’m going to migrate them manually and avoid the problems with the devices dropping off after Smartthings migrates them.

After Hub rebooted, now works fine and online. Thanks.

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