Smartthings hub update?

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I’m wondering since groovy is on the way out and all that comes with it october 15th? is there a way I can update beforehand and start settings things up before this happens?

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One thing you can do is to change youre device type handlers (dth) to edge drivers. How to install Smartthings Edge Drivers? - #37 by JDRoberts

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Don’t think I fully understand, should I delete all the DTH on groovy website and then find a edge driver per device?
I’m not really tech savvy but if webcore is going away I don’t want to stand without my automations on 15th october.

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I have managed to transform all my webcore pistons into routines. Some users prefer sharptools for this. Theres a lot of threads here handling theese issues.

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I wont be able to replicate my webcore pistons at all, theres just no way smartthings can pull that off with its weak routine maker.

I still dont get how I revert from DTH to edge? I’ve tried searching here on the forums but feel like I cant really spend hours on hours on this.
Do I delete all the DTH on groovy. and repair all my devices and it should have edge?

This is just wierd and complicated :smiley: maybe if I can figure things out I’d have to wait till 15th october but I rather not stand with all the mess this comes with on short notice… thank you

Start by looking in IDE. Any Device that shows Placeholder is using an Edge Driver or is a device connected through a Linked Service that is now on the new architecture. You do not need to do anything with those.

Next you need to install Edge Drivers on your hub. To do this, you will need to subscribe to the Channels from ST or Community Developers. Once subscribed, You can select the Edge Drivers you wish to enroll. To find the Channels, search through the forum to find all the Community Developed Edge Drivers and they should include a link you click on.

After you install the Edge Drivers, now comes the fun part. You will need to remove the Devices from ST. If you are using a custom Device Handler for it in IDE, you will need delete the Device Handler there OR comment out the fingerprint of the Device in the DTH before you can add the devices back. The reason for commenting out the fingerprint is where you might have multiple devices where you don’t want to convert them all at the same time. Either way, custom Device Handlers need to be removed or fingerprints commented out before you can add Devices back so they get the Edge Driver.

Add the Devices back by using the Scan option. After they are found, they will display as Placeholder device type in IDE and you can no longer manage them there. Instead, open the device in the ST app, tap on More Options (the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen, and you will see “Driver” listed in that pull down menu. This is where you can switch to other Edge Drivers if needed.

If you are using any custom Smartapps that connect Devices would need to have their devices switched to Edge and those smartapps removed.


alternative options:

  • Rules API
  • SharpTools Rules Engine (you will probably find this to be the easiest option for Webcore users)

There are a few other options but will let others chime in on those.

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