Google login to this community is failing

Sending this from my phone which is still logged in.

On my pc I needed to clear cache so the community session ended. Now when I attempt to login using login -> with google

I get

In case anyone is interested support is aware of this issue. The status page of course does not reflect the problem but they do know about it.

They tell me currently github and email/password are the only methods that work. So apparently Facebook and Twitter are broken also.


What is the work around? I logged out on one machine and cannot log back in, now… @Brad_ST

@HA_fanatic It’s fixed now. Of course support failed to let me know even though they said they would.

They lie about their status. Aug 30 no incidents reported

@HA_fanatic et al

Interesting note, you can edit your profile and add a password to your account so you can login using the standard email, password technique. I have no idea why support didn’t just tell me that and help me get a password configured. I think you can also add link to github, twitter so you can login using any of the methods, there is an option to link to each of them. I didn’t try this because two methods is good enough for me.

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I understand your frustration and apologize for the now resolved issue but that workaround was not known by support either as the community does not fall under the support scope for SmartThings CS.

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