Can't login to the account from the web

Hello, I am curious if anyone can help me with this issue. Anytime I try to login to SmartThings Hub from the PC or from another app (such as Google Home) which redirects to the site version of the login page in order to connect, I ALWAYS get the below error. This has been happening for the last 3 days.

Thank you in advance,

Contact support on the phone. They are doing something with Samsung & Smartthings accounts trying to combine in one place. They know of the problem & will correct it for you.

Sent the customer service an email with the screen shot. Let’s see if they can solve this issue.

Take the time to call them they have one of the greatest customer support teams today.

Not in my experience. I’ve only called them once, but the person couldn’t help with my issue and said they couldn’t escalate to anyone else that could try to either. They actually said I should email support instead.

Over the last couple years I’ve contacted support via email several times. Their turnaround time has been very variable, although generally better in the more recent past. And most of the time they have solved my issues.

Emailed support and within a couple of days everything was resolved. No problems at all!

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