Cannot log on to app

Trying to help my sister- she cannot log on. Getting this:

Make sure username and password are correct and that she has been added as a user.

I don’t know that there is anything else the community can troubleshoot, you should contact

Thanks Jason. It’s my sister’s account and her log in info is correct. I have reached out to smartthings- it takes forever to hear back

This was happening to my wife’s account this past weekend for a couple of hours, then all of a sudden, it worked. I know I was using the correct username/password.

I had emailed support- they fixed it.

We are all getting the same message… haven’t been able to use the system since last night…

No response from SUPPORT…

No no, it’s all fine now, didn’t you check the status page? I’m joking, the status page says it’s fine but it clearly is full of lies. Rabble rabble.