GoControl GD00Z-8-GC issues with V3 Hub

Hello, I’m having a bit of issue trying to get this garage door controller to work with my hub.

  1. It does not pair with S2 security. When it asks for the barcode, I pick PIN instead and enter the first 5 digits of the S/N. Is that correct?

  2. Once it’s paired and I open the device in Smartthings this is what I see. I’m not using the classic smartthings app.

  3. When I try to activate the garage door nothing happens, no beeps no lights ,nothing.

4.) After a while I get an offline.

  1. I’ve cycled the garage door up and down after pairing.
  2. I’ve removed the device completely from my hub going through https://graph.api.smartthings.com/
  3. I’ve done a Z-wave repair on the hub.
  4. I have other Z-wave devices within 15 feet of this device.

Their customer support is not the greatest, they are geared towards commercial use and basically told me once it pairs, we have nothing to do with it. You need to work with your hub’s provider.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

My GoControls paired quite some time ago without security, but generally speaking, when ST wants to pair S2, it’s looking for a QR barcode that should have shipped with the device or should be on a sticker on the device.

If you opt for the PIN entry, it’s not the first 5 digits of the serial number. It’s the first five digits of the DSK, which is a long number with eight sets of five digits separated by hyphens:


I can’t speak for the GoControls, but for other devices, I’ve received the DSK on a card with the barcode and the full DSK digits.

In my experience, when something is supposed to pair as S2 and pairs with lesser security, it doesn’t always work correctly, which may be your issue.

My haven’t had any of those kinds of issues with my gocontroler.

Try factory resetting it along with excluding it from the hub.

This helped me with getting the sensor relinked to the control unit.