GoControl GD00Z-8-GC issues and fixes

hello once again, just wanted to pop in and create a topic for the GD00Z-8-GC model from Go Control. doesnt seem to be much in the search.
I bought a second hand unit from a reputable seller.
my install was the “hack” method for garage door controllers that use the antiquated MyQ 2.0 security nonsense that Chamberlain implemented a decade ago.

some door openers work via shorting the wall switch wires, and some, like the MyQ 2.0 work via sending a voltage to the garage door motor controller.

I soldered the output wires of the GoControl to the 4 pin momentary button on the circuit board of the garage door opener Wall Switch. Some hackers… i mean users… have found success with soldering the output wires of the Go Control to the 4 pin button of a linked garage remote, and others found that it caused a power drain on their remote and killed the battery within days, others found that after a few minutes of the hack… i mean… modification to the remote, that the remote began activating the button continuously causing the door to open and close erratically.

my unit has been installed for a week, and initially, would not report its open or closed status. I suspect it was due to a zwave node to node issue, as i initially Included the GoControl sitting right next to the hub, but once it was unplugged, and mounted in the garage, 100 feet away, it would not report correctly. the fix was to Exclude the GoControl, and Re-Include it from its mounted position, and now it reports immediately. perhaps the network route changed and it can “zwave” properly. (wasnt there a way to see the route in the old Groovy interface? Edge doesnt show routes??)

anyway, thats my current config, all nominal at the moment. hope this helps.