Gentle Wake Up for those of us that are in Europe?

You need to make sure that you’ve linked Smartthings to Alexa as a skill. Alexa will scan Smartthings for devices…This will probably work with other devices too that are not on Smartthings.

In the Alexa App, create an alarm and on my app I can see a section for Wake-up lighting.

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It’s part of Alexa routines.

It’s in some countries, but not all.

Alexa support could tell you if it’s available where you live.

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Thank you very much for your detail answer. Unfortunately that option is not available in my country. :frowning:

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It’s not, thank you anyway.

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If somebody is looking for Gentle Wake up like me, and is from Europe or any other country where SmartThings Lab or Alexa Wake up is not available, I finally found an alternative using SharpTools:

I found SharpTools as a very powerful tool to replace most of WebCore functionalities. I have all my WebCore pistons migrated there and is quite simple. Maybe not as powerful as WebCore, but for me it’s enough. And as I just found out, it also have the possibility to fade lights during some period of time, which was what I was looking for, so perfect for me.


You can create a gentle increase in light but it depends on what lights and edge drivers you are using

Some of @Mariano_Colmenarejo drivers have functions which would suit your needs probably

Which drivers are you using for the lights you want to work with ?


Many thanks for the information Mike!

Yes, I already discovered that. The problem is that the bulbs where I want that functionality are not among the ones from Mariano driver.

Many thanks anyway!

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There not !! What drivers are you using for the bulbs ?

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They are WiFi. They are in bedrooms so I was looking for bulbs that could go to a very low brightness level (to do gentle wake up among other things) and that would remember the status in case of a power failure, and at the time I found out that from Shelly and from Wiz bulbs.

I am afraid that in Europe there is no so high variety of products for us. Don’t remember if I saw some Zigbee bulbs that did that, but couldn’t buy them.

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Hue bulbs connected to a hue hub can, but they cost more than the others you mentioned.

Are the wifi bulbs connected to Smartthings through a linked service ?

Yes, they are connected through Wiz and Shelly Cloud linked services. Working quite well until this moment.

Perhaps @JDRoberts will have some insight into your bulbs

Just found this perhaps it can help

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Also, I can’t remember if I’ve asked the OP yet, but do you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub or not? Also do you have a Hue hub? The options are going to be somewhat different, depending on the exact configurations you are using.

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Not sure exactly what you mean JD but i had a read of Tods driver and to me it appears no intermediary device is required… however i stand to be corrected if i have misunderstood Tods driver

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I am running a Shelly1 using Todd’s driver and NO server is needed.


Thank you very much! I will give it a try.

Just out of curiosity, the functionality which is added with the edge driver is to be able to control the bulbs locally right? I mean, the current Shelly Cloud Linked Service (or other linked services) is not going away with all recent changes that are happening in SmartThings right?

Many thanks!

No gaurantee anything is staying, life360 connected service has stopped working, IFTTT service stopped working but was re established by a change by IFTTT, with no information from any company no one knows what will stop

You have to ask each company individually.


Have all said they are already on the new architecture and have no plans to discontinue the integration at this time. (No one is committed to forever.)

Those are just the ones I’ve asked, I’m sure there are more.

It is quite possible, perhaps even likely, that once Matter is fully deployed we’ll see more, maybe even most, companies relying on that for integration, but we’re not there yet.

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