Gentle wake up code?

Hey there! I recently “upgraded” to the smartthings adt hub…possibly a mistake but we’ll see. Anyways, in my V2 hub and app, the gentle wake up smartapp was an integral part of my day. As it turns out, this new hub has very few smart apps available…gentle wake up is not one of them. I’m familiar with coping/pasting smart apps into my IDE and adding a smartapp that way, but I tried to play around with webCoRE and it’s a bit over my head.

So here’s my question: is it possible to grab the gentle wake up code from anywhere and copy it as a custom smartapp? Or, are there any parallel apps that would achieve the same thing (dimming up for a period of time )?

Just go back using the Classic App. Now that your Hub is registered, just download and login to the old app just like you did before.

Tried that…unfortunatley, there a only a few of the known smart apps there…gentle wake up is not one of them.

That’s odd, looks like your missing some stuff. You might have to move this automation to core/webcore.

Sidjohn1, I think that’s where I’m limited… I’m a copy/paste user (and extremely grateful for this amazing community)…that said…I have no idea how to replicate that in WC. When it was Core and had an easy UI, I was more comfortable. webCoRE is just a bit out of my realm…

Is something like this what you are looking for:

Core still works, I still use it hence the core/webcore comment. If Core is your jam, then rock it out with Core.

Thanks! For some reasons I was under the impression that it didn’t…will play around with that unless I find a more “fun” solution.

Maybe! Is that something that I could schedule for… 5am on m,w,f to dim up to 70% over a duration of 30 minutes…?

And then another schedule for other days of the week?
Another key feature that I loved was the ability to stop the dimming by pressing a button…aka stopping the alarm or snoozing it

Schedule looks doable, and the 70% over 30 minutes is just a matter of adjusting the ending value and spreading the steps… Pausing it, my first idea would be to create a virtual button that and testing for it while looping - button could be pushed through the ST app or via Alexa/Google Home, etc. I’ll tweak the piston a little to give you some ideas.

I think i replied to your FB post, but you can find the code on their public github

I see the smartapp code is available above, but a piston to do what you’re asking could look like:

where Dimmer 1 is the virtual switch - this would also permit you to pause the piston while on vacation by simply turning the switch off.

Does this allow for you to stop the dimming once initiated? This was the issues I had with webCoRE. I also like just using the Gentle Wake up because it is a switch that can be turned on/off at any time.

Not where I can test it atm, but if you turn off the virtual switch (Dimmer 1 in this case) the while condition becomes invalid and should halt the loop.

You did…Thank you so much. Honestly, thanks to everyone for helping to look into this and explore options. I have installed the smartapp and it’s working 98% to what I like! The only thing i’m hoping gets added at some point is the ability to have functionality with colored lights so that it can dim at 1% blue to 50% warm white. I’m sure that’s a much more complicated process…for now…i’m more than satisfied and stoked about all the other smart apps too. Thanks!

I’m just getting started with Smartthings - I was hoping to use a Gentle Wake Up type automation with a Honeywell Smart Dimmer switch that I just ordered. I guess I don’t know what I’m doing yet, hopefully I can figure out what you guys were talking about in this thread…