How can I schedule a morning wake up routine for Alexa?

I would like to say “Alexa, wake me up at 7AM” which will then:

  • crack open my lutron shades 1/2 hour before wake up time
  • set the temp on my Nest thermostat to 68 degrees 1/2 hour before wake up time
  • start playing some music on my Sonos speakers at a low volume 10 minutes before wake up time
  • open my Lutron shades completely 5 minutes before wake up time
  • have the echo dot alarm go off at wake up time

I would like to be able to kill the process at any time using only my voice (for example. If the shades wake me up, tell Alexa to cancel the rest of the process).

I have scenes and routines set up in SmartThings that can accomplish these items individually, but not based on any schedule that I can kick off at a given time the night before.

Any ideas on how to use a combination of Alexa and SmartThings to accomplish this?

You can setup a routine in the Alexa app with that exact phrase and have her trigger a routine or Switch in SmartThings.

I would use WebCoRE to set up the routine sequence and use either a routine in SmartThings or Virtual Switch (VS) to trigger the Piston.

You can then make another Piston that says:

If Virtual Switch changes to on then Execute Piston.
If Virtual Switch changes to off then Cancel Piston.

At the end of the webCoRE Piston, turn the VS back off.

In the Alexa App, use this VS to turn on when you say your phrase. Whatever your cancel phrase is, tie it to turning off the VS.

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#rontalley I don’t think what you suggest will work. Just saying a phrase to Alexa to turn on a VS will turn the switch on as soon as you say the phrase. I think what he wants is to tell Alexa to turn the VS on at whatever time he says. So like the night before he says “Wake me at 7 am” or “wake me at 8 am” or whatever. Then at 7 or 8 or whatever time then it turns on the VS.

I would like to do the same thing, but haven’t figured out a way to do it.

@bamarayne can echoSistant handle this yet? :slight_smile:

Well, it certainly used to be able to.

Let me see what I can come up with.

Do you want to say, Alexa, run xxx in 5 Hours
Alexa, run xxx at 6am

I can make this happen… Give me a day or two.

I would like to be able to say “wake me up at 7:00”

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I would like to do either one.

You can have a switch called “7 AM wake up” and then have that trigger the rest of the sequence, but with all of the conditional logic over on the SmartThings side . The only thing is that you will need a different one for each of the times that you want, so if you want to sometimes be 6 AM sometimes be 5 AM, etc. you would need one switch for each time. Then you have that switch coming on trigger a piston with all of the various conditions you want, including the ability to cancel. And you need one more switch to cancel your pending wake up routines.

So you can definitely do it, it’s just going to be a little complicated to design the specific sequences.

Your conditions are going to be “ yada yada yada and it’s 7. .AM and ‘7 AM wake up switch is on.’ “. Where “yada yada yada“ is whatever other conditions you want to set.

Just make sure to turn off the “7 AM wake up switch“ as part of your 7 AM routine so it’s ready again for the next time.

In this construction, all your cancel routine has to do is turn off any of your pending switches. Unless you want to make that one specific to a particular time as well.

It will work. You just have to have a Piston for each time and a matching VS. Pistons run on the conditions you set.

Alexa, turn on 6am. You can use Echo Speaks to set the alarm on the Dot.

I’m working on adding this back into EchoSistant. You’ll be able to say something like “Alexa, wake me up at 7:30 am” (which by the way, you can easily do in the Native Alexa app, except it will not trigger anything in ST) which is what I think the OP is wanting.

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The Alexa IFTTT integration has support for “when alarm goes off” and “when times goes off”, which could be used to trigger a virtual switch.


That would work. Is there a way to make the alarm silence from Alexa? I wouldn’t necessarily want it to alarm me…

You would think if IFTTT could pick up the alarm triggered, Alexa could let you turn on a device in the same way.

You might could play with scheduling a routine that sets your echo device volume to zero each night then another routine that sets it higher later in the day. But I’m not sure if that will mute the alarm. There’s also a device setting for an ascending alarm so that the alarm volume gradually increases. Another option could be to use a dedicated Echo dot to receive the alarm. Perhaps you could keep it muted or connected to a bluetooth device that is muted, etc. Again, I’m not sure if the alarm overrides the device volume or bluetooth connection. I’m also not sure if you would have to issue the voice command to the dedicated echo device or if you can tell Alexa to set an alarm to a specific device via voice.

Update: Setting the echo volume to zero did not mute the alarm. It also appears that the device you speak to is the device that produces the alarm. I haven’t tried an alarm on a device with a bluetooth connection to see if it sounds on the bluetooth device instead of the echo. I also have not found a phrase structure to set an alarm to a specific echo device in the house.

I still say this is pretty doable just using webCoRE and some Virtual Switches.

In webCoRE setup a Dynamic Varible {time}
Create your VS to represent your most used wakeup times.

6am Wakeup
6:30am Wakeup
7am Wakeup

In your Piston say,

If 6am Wakeup changes to on then set variable {time} to 6am
If 6:30am Wakeup change to on then set variable {time} to 6:30am.

Then use {time} as a condition in the piston.

Would also setup the Piston so only one switch can be on at one time. However, I do trust @bamarayne so hopefully he’ll have a simple solution.

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Would something like this work?

Alexa, wake me up in 5 hours and 45 minutes in the bedroom?

Ok, I have a solution…

Currently in EchoSistant you can do the following:

Morning wake up
In your room of choice create a Logic Block. Name it “Wake me up”.
Create your custom message using variables for location events, device status’, and
select the actions you want to occur when the alarm is activated.
Select the Echo Device you want the wake up message played on and tap save.

When you ready, you simply say, Alexa, wake me up in 45 minutes in the bedroom.

At the moment this is limited to minutes, but I will be pushing an update soon that will allow you
to say, Alexa, wake me up in 3 hours 45 minutes in the bedroom.

Shortly after that will come the ability to say, Alexa, wake me at 3:45 in the bedroom.

While this isn’t exactly what the OP asked for, I am working towards that.

I have something like this setup … IFTTT trigger on my alexa alarm… when the alarm triggers if sends brew coffee command to the wemo , turns on lights, tv… very functional everyone in the house thinks it’s stupid, but I wake at different times on different days everything is riggered on the alarm.

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I was looking this earlier and can you clarify something for me. In the IFTTT I couldn’t pick the Alexa device the alarm was on… will the IFTTT action trigger with any alarm on any alexa device?

I haven’t used the alarm trigger, but am sure the timer trigger works as you describe, so assume alarm is the same.