Can I have heat by the time my alarm goes off?

Hi all, I’m fairly new to SmartThings and I have a Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat (RTH9585WF1004). I’m trying to figure out how to set an alarm before I go to bed and have that alarm wake me up with heat. However, if I’m to wake up with the heat then it would need to start before the alarm goes off, so I’m not sure how to accomplish this.

I don’t want to use my phone as an alarm clock, and I haven’t purchased anything to use as a connected clock. I’m thinking the Echo Show would be a great clock, but according to Amazon the alarm can’t trigger anything on its own.

Can SmartThings help with this? Basically, when the alarm is set it would need to set the heat to be a given temperature at that same time. The alarm can’t really trigger it when it goes off, because it’s too late at that point. What do you all think? Is this possible? Thanks!

the way I did it, is to put a typical desired time schedule in the thermostat built-in schedule. Such as, you would pick a time to heat 30 minutes before your normal wakeup.

Then the ST routine commands may followup with later setpoint adjustments.

Some thermostats have an “optimum start” feature which attempts to anticipate an early-start time to achieve setpoint at the scheduled time. IMO it is a complication not worth the obfuscation.

Ah, starting with the thermostat. The issue is that I work from home sometimes and keep odd hours, so my ultimate goal is to set my alarm before going to bed and have the heat keep up with that. Setting a schedule with the thermostat every night is probably more work than just telling Alexa or Google. Or some other quick method. Is there a way to start with SmartThings or a voice command?

If that thermostat can be connected to ST, then it can be set up the way you want. In ST create a routine that will set the heat to turn on at a certain time. For example, the good morning routine. Some thermostats can be voice controlled with Alexa.

I’m sure in ST via Webcore, you could set a single irregular next-morning time to heat, and it could wait 30 minutes then turn-on the light and turn-on the dumb radio to wake you up. But that would require full-faith in ST time schedules which are/were cloud-based and have not proven to be reliable.

There is an alternate approach of setting the phone’s alarm which is local and probably reliable, and using Tasker and/or SmartTools to drive the ST changes to thermostat and lights/radio/etc. I am not familiar with that approach.

Hmm… I have Google Home and an Android phone. There might be some options in there (though the Google Assistant alarm is pretty bad). Great discussion and some great ideas, thanks!

I haven’t used IFTTT yet, but what do you think about “if Alexa alarm is set, hold the heat until 10 minutes before the alarm time and then turn the heat up?” I’m not married to Alexa (I have Google Home) but it seems like the best smart alarm clock.

How about try. Hey Google, set my alarm at 7am and turn on my heat at 6:30 am?

A nice, simple solution! I was hoping to really automate it, though, but maybe it’s not as easy as I think it should be.

I have an Echo Show now because I’m really trying to make this work. I’ve been able to set up a test Routine in SmartThings called “Wake 5:15” that turns up the heat at 5:00am. Then I set up a Routine in the Amazon Alexa app to kick off when I say “Alexa, wake me up at five fifteen” that will kick off the SmartThings Routine. So there’s that connection. I can set up the few different alarm times I set, with pairs of Routines in the two apps.

The issue is that I can’t figure out how to set an Alexa Alarm at 5:15 without saying two things:

  1. “Alexa, set an alarm for 5:15am”

  2. “Alexa, wake me up at 5:15”

How do I connect these two things so it’s one command to Alexa to get an alarm and the Routine to run? I’ve been poking around IFTTT without much success. I need to either have the alarm setting be a trigger to kick off a Routine, or be able to set an alarm as part of a Routine.

Anyone have any success with this? This is really why I set up the smart home stuff in the first place, so I’m super frustrated with it. If it could support waking up at different times throughout the week without a predicable schedule and waking up warm then I’d be happy. Thanks, all, for talking this out with me.

Not sure if you can make this work for your use case?

I have my phone check every night at 9pm if I’m scheduled to work the next day on Google calendar. If so it turns on my alarm for the next day for me automatically. It has been working pretty reliable for a while now.

To accomplish this I use Tasker, gentle alarm, and a calendar plugin for Tasker.

It’s kinda the long way around to your goal. Possibly you could set your work schedule in a Google calendar, have it checked like I do the night before. If true set a virtual switch via sharptools that completes logic to fire your thermostat at your preferred time via Tasker or Core or Webcore?

Also maybe you could use the Gcal smart app to set a contact based on your work schedule in Google calendar. Then use core or Webcore to fire your thermostat to on if the Gcal app contact is true at the time the furnace should start to warm things up for you.

I haven’t tried or tested these ideas. Just tossing them out there for you to ponder on.

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What I do is I have a ST routine that runs at the time I Want to wake up. It turns on certain lights very dim and sets my Nest thermostat to heat. When I go to bed to tell alexa to wake me up at the time I desire. If I forget to have alexa wake, the lights would still be on anyway.

You could create a routine in ST to would only turn on your heat at 5:00. Then simply tell alexa to wake up at 5:15. You can also schedule Alexa to run an alarm using the Amazon Alexa app or Alexa website.

On the Alexa website (same layout on the app) go to reminders and alarms:

Set your time and what days to go off:

Going off of a calendar for work is a cool idea! I’m going to mess around with that, thanks.

That’s what I’ve been able to set up, but it’s still two steps every night – start the ST routine and set an alarm. I’m hoping to boil it down into one command. Great ideas, here, thanks!

You won’t have to start the routine at all. Let it run automatically. Same with the Alexa alarm. It only would be two steps the 1st time if you wake up at same time everyday. Have the Routine and the Alexa app alarm run (automatically) at the same times everyday. Set it and forget it until you need to make a change to your schedule for whatever reason.

If you have a different time for weekends etc, just create an additional ST Routine and Alexa app alarm that would run only on those days.

Here is links to the original Gcal thread, and the updated thread.

If you have questions, I’ll try to help the best I can to answer them.

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Thanks, tpip, but that’s really the issue. I get up at different times throughout the week, and sometimes I don’t want an alarm at all. Before getting ST I had a programmable thermostat that wasn’t smart. I would usually not use the scheduler because of my unpredictable wake-up times.

I get up at three different times in a given week, two for works schedules, one for days off.

Example to create:
ST Routine Heat 1, turn on heat at 5:15
Alexa app alarm set for 5:00

ST Routine 2, turn on heat at 6:00
Alexa app alarm set for 6:15

again for the 3rd if needed or not for days off etc.

Hey, thanks! This looks pretty powerful and I’ll work on figuring out how to use it today. That’s really nice of you to go find those posts. Merry Christmas!

That’s what I’m doing now, running two things each night. I’m hoping to figure out how to run one command that sets an alarm and turns on the heat 15 minutes before that alarm. I’m still poking at it…