Gentle Wakeup Smart App Support Needed In "New App"

Greetings Fellow Home Automation Enthusiasts!

Problem: The “SmartThings Classic App” was discontinued on October 14th and users have been forced to migrate to the new app. The Gentle Wakeup smart app is currently not present in the new app, and I can not find any similar feature set in any of the other smart apps.

Requested Functionality: Add a Smart App that gives users the ability to select a group of smart lights and have them all go from <Current Level or Input Brightness %> to <End Input Brightness %> over . Sequence is initiated by a .

Wishlist Functionality: Ability to select color temperature or RGB color of lights during gentle wakeup sequence. Ability to change to specified Color Temperature or RGB color at the end of the gentle wakeup sequence.

I know this topic has been discussed many times before in other threads, but since the SmartThings “classic app” was recently discontinued and I am now SOL I wanted to make a new thread to bring awareness to this problem. Does anyone know the best way to get in touch with the Smart Things developers to get this issue resolved? I think this is something that could be easily added to the “Smart Lighting” Smart App as it seems the framework is basically already there.

This has been an instrumental part of my mourning routine since 2016, so not having this functionality any longer has really put a huge strain on my mornings. I am basically at the point where I am willing to try anything to get this to work. Although I would truly like to avoid a “code it yourself” or “automation plugin” option, I am getting rather desperate. If anyone has what I have explained above working using the new app, I will literally pay you to write a guide and post it in the comments below explaining how to set it up step by step. Whatever it takes, just need this feature back ASAP. I’m extra cranky in the morning now and my roommates poor roommates are being forced to suffer my wrath. LOL

Any comments / suggestions appreciated to bring awareness to this.


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Me wants!!!

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Just wanted to mention that a basic version of this feature was recently added to the US version of the Alexa app And works quite well. So that may be an option for some people.

The following blog article has a good detailed explanation of how to set it up.


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+1. I definitely want this feature back

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Thanks Brother!

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The Gentle Wakeup SmartApp was migrated over for me, so I have it in the new app. It’s a bit flaky, but it does work. Not sure how you can add it in otherwise, though. I agree that it would be nice to have one written for the new SmartThings app.

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Okay I just figured it out.

  1. Login into the developer side of it ‘Smarttging IDE’
  2. Select your home under ‘locations’
  3. Go to the ‘smartapp’ section
  4. Create a new smartapp
  5. There is a tab called ‘from template’, select that.
  6. Chose gentle wakeup
  7. Go to the bottom below the code and create it
  8. Publish it
  9. Grab your phone, and open the app
  10. Open the smart apps section in the menu
  11. Click ‘+’ and Create a new one

It should be there now like before


There’s now a new Gentle Wakeup smartapp available on Android in the Beta smartapp section. It’s re-written to be an endpoint app so it should survive the demise of Groovy next year.

Old smartapp (carried over from classic app) has now started to work in new app. Controller for it still gives an error. Tempted to remove this smartapp and reinstall but there is no smartapps available in my region (certainly not any beta smartapps). Is the one in IDE template new and updated one?

I ended up getting so fed up with this not working (and some other issues I was having) that I switched to the Philips hue smart light system. Their system natively supports this feature (as well as a plethora of other awesome RGB lighting media sync features) and after using the system for several weeks now… I have to say it is significantly more polished and most importantly WAY MORE RELIABLE than anything I ever experienced with the Smartthings system/hub. Samsung… if you’re listening I would encourage you to do better because the competition is miles ahead of you :sweat_smile:

I published the smart app for me and when I installed it in the smartthings app, everything was fine until the moment I finished. It gives “network error, please try again”.
I have seen in other posts that it may be due to exceeding the maximum number of automations, but I have few and it allows me to create more without problem.
I have tested the smartapp in the IDE simulator and when installing it gives an error message when creating the gentle wakeup device controller not found in smartthings namespace (line 305), but the programmed progressive lighting works well in simulator, although it gives errors in the log as dni: null.

Crap, I’m having the same problem. I think there is some compatibility issues. I really wish they updated the template to work with it.

My old ones still work, but only partially. I can’t edit the ‘completion actions’ section.

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If you’re on Android, try the beta version under SmartApps.

As is the way now sadly
Only available in certain geo locations.

Ah, this is true :confused:

I have canceled in IDE the lines of code where the control dimmer device is created and it already works, it gives a network error when saving the creation in smartthings app, but it creates it.
These lines of code can be left behind if a copy of the “Gentle wake up” DTH is self-published in IDE to can create the control dimmer device, but it doesn’t work. So I think it’s better not to create him

The configuration of the actions to take when it reaches the end of the power-up does not work, it hangs when push in completion page settings.
The configuration of “if you press off” in the device to control works well: “stop dimmer or go to the end”.
I have created two for different lights and they work fine.

In Spain does not appears beta apps

Amazing that worked for me as well.

Do you know why ‘Completion Actions’ doesn’t work? It crashes it.

Setup Completion settings failed due to running setup. “hellohome” gives java error exception, does not exist in the new app.
Overriding code line 253 works everything else.

Put the mode at home, away or night.
Send notification.
Turn on another switch with programmed delay or not.
To save the execution of scenes, an automatic action can be execute any scene when changing the mode or when the light reaches a target%.
Try it.

Your amazing. I just realized that phrases don’t work anymore. I have a scene that I’d like to be able to run when it completes. It basically turns everything on to 100%, and sets the correct lighting colour and stuff.

I honestly don’t know why samsung hasn’t updated this smartapp to work with the new app.

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