GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Add-On Paddle Switch for $ 8.53

Rakuten has this listed for $ 8.53

GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Add-On Paddle Switch

Good price!

Just a reminder for those unfamiliar with this model , although the product description says “Z wave” the add on switch doesn’t actually have any kind of radio in it. It has to be physically wired to a GE master switch in order to work. So it’s only intended to be the auxiliary switch in a three-way set up.

In for 3. Thanks!

What’s Rakuten? Safe to buy from? Never used them before.

EDIT: Is it 5 shipping per device?

They used to be The seller has good feedback. I’m not sure if its $5 flat rate or not, but it was still $5 for 3.

Rakuten is a Japanese electronic seller that purchased in 2010. Starting in 2013, people purchasing from Rakuten started reporting credit card thefts. I didn’t get burned but I worried about it at the time. I’ve mostly stayed away from them since (only 1 purchase since).

interesting! glad I used PayPal then.

It’s the current 12723

Thanks, completely missed the specifications area at the bottom of the page :smiley:

Sold out already

They are back in stock again.

I always tried to use PayPal whenever possible.
But in regards to the switch. These are a hit or miss when it comes to installation and having them work consistently.

No shipping to canada :frowning:


I received my shipment today, which was super fast for a scammer. The shipping box was filled with packing paper and a box much too small to contain SIX addon switches. Inside that box were 6 boxes for GE Miniature Light Bulbs. Each of those boxes was had a single EMPTY plastic bag/sleeve.

Someone went through ALOT of trouble to pack air.

And so am I.

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Noooooooooooo! Mine is scheduled to be delivered thursday :confused:

Let’s hope you have better luck than I did. There’s no way the seller would’ve been shipping out empty boxes to all customers…unless, of course, the ratings/reviews on Rakuten are fake as well. Rakuten has been notorious for shady to outright scammer sellers.

Caveat Emptor!

LOL…it kinda also had me wondering whether we were scammed in-house (so to speak) by a user who just joined a week before pointing us to this honey pot deal.

My 6 are due to be delivered tomorrow. The shipping weight is 0.20lbs. Wonder what empty boxes I will be getting?

@MEarly Please let us know how the return process goes?

One of the reasons i went through with it is because the seller had good reviews. I also turned on Google trusted stores protection, so hopefully if all else fails that or payPal will refund me.

@davide169 mine weighs 0.1 lb, so this isn’t looking good!

Sorry to hear about the sketchy results. Hope you guys get your money back.