GE 12724 3 way light switch with dimmer $15.48

the lowes in Lake Wales, FL 33859 has the GE 3 way light switch with dimmer 12744 down to 15.48 minus the renovo discount and ebates!!!|0&pl=1


Nice tip. I picked up four with shipping and tax for $53 (after Renovo and Ebates). Funny, but they showed the"normal price" at $17.20; at my local store it’s $35.

The addon switch (needs to be used with other switches) is also $11.87 at that same lowes (Lake Wales, FL 33859)

From Exeter Township, PA

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jaw dropped

That is the add-on switch right? Not a stand alone switch?

that is correct that is the add on

[quote=“DaPanda, post:4, topic:48717, full:true”]
From Exeter Township, PA
[/quote]Those are for normal (not Z-wave) switches.

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@jlv you are incorrect those are Zwave, works with iris and smartthings. that is the GE 12723 add on switch

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those are zwave addon

Cool… I initially looked and didn’t see Works with Iris, but I do now. Thanks!

Looks like I missed this deal. It is showing me 38.69 even for Lake Wales, FL 33859

the cheapest now is gaffney, sc at $23.21.

If the addon switch is z-wave how does it work exactly? Could I put this switch anywhere in my home and program it with smartthings to do what I want?

it isn’t zwave, all it does is send a signal back to the master switch telling it to send a signal.


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On the topic of GE dimmers. I installed one (The old blister pack series. Picked it up last Dec.) a few days ago. I was surprised it did not have a neutral connection. just line, load, and traveler. Working fine.

Yep, they discontinued the model. I still have a few nib myself. They work great for incandescent bulbs mixed results with leds.

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I ordered two of these and this is the reply I received this morning. Has anyone else received a reply like this? Did anyone actually get any of these for $15.48?

This order was picked before we realized the pricing is incorrect on the order. The pricing on this item is $38.69 each. Unfortunately once the order is “picked” in our system it can not be cancelled without processing it through which charges your card and then issuing a refund.
This order has been processed and a refund will be issued to your card.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jodie Slagle
Internet Fulfillment Department Manager
Lowe’s Store 1565
816-407-2140 ext. 395

AWEEEE, what a bummer :frowning:

It still shows $15.48 for me. Would only let me order 2 in my cart. But I received a BS email about there being an incorrect price and they will be charging my card full price then issuing a refund.