GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Add-On Paddle Switch for $ 8.53

I will. I have already filed my complaint with Paypal. I didn’t even waste the time to go through Rakuten and get the run-around from them, while they try to track down the seller.

I also called the seller, just to see how legit they’d set up. After about 2 mins on hold listening to music, and a pre-recorded “check out our website” message from a “Courtney” voice actor followed by more music, I was prompted told to try back tomorrow due to the long wait time.

Just FYI, the weight of the switch itself is around .5 lb. Sorry guys. :frowning:

Well these reviews don’t look good. The last 2 pages it seems like a handful of people have had the same issue.

Probably the first and last time I order from rakuten. I guess I should have clicked on the rating to see some of the more recent reviews before hitting the order button.

Ordered switches and they sent bulbs. Asked to call rakuten. And call them and no use either
Date: 12/8/2016
Listing: 566459634

They sent me 2 $0.25 light bulbs instead of the product I ordered and will not respond to requests for help.
Date: 12/22/2016
Listing: 566459634

Those were 2 of the negative reviews I saw. Something odd that I noticed was this review:

1 of 5
Awesome as always. Arrived quickly.
Date: 12/26/2016
Listing: 341802512

LOL. Looks like they probably have some automated system of feedback or some Mechanical Turk paid reviewers were in a rush. 1/5 rating for Awesome service. sigh

Yeah, that’s definitely the case. It looks automated. All of these great reviews actually started 8/4/16. And many of them appear to be automated or spammed in.

Not automated at all :poop:

No way that’s a bot.

Those look perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect…

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Sorry, I didn’t know Rakuten Sellers were so bad. I had brought couple of items from Rakuten before and had no problems.
Hope you all used Paypal and can get a refund.

Sorry again for posting this which turned out to a scam.

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Thanks for that. I’m sure there are reputable sellers on there too.

This is actually my first time ever getting scammed. I usually don’t order from “grey” markets, and it’s the main reason I use services like PayPal, Visa Checkout and Bluebird…just in case.

Anyway, thanks for responding. I’m sure this issue will be resolved between our payment providers and Rakuten.

I oredred previously from Zoro, but direct and not through Rakuken. Did not have problems.
I oredred 2 of theese switches that will be delivered today. As per UPS, package has 0.2 lbs. I bet I’m getting air bulbs.
But I also paid through paypal.

Just got my package with 2 GE bulbs inside. No switch.
Talked with Dianne @ Zoro (855)289-9676. States that Zoro never sold this item.
Refund issued (including shipping )but will get money in 7-10 days. No need to return the received garbage.

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I just got the same thing! I was scratching my head for a few seconds when I opened the box, my son had a grin on his face lol.

Are you in DC area? Because it looks that Success Factors Inc was not successful.
And the scam is even bigger. Zoro, the seller received a totally different order than the one I got. And Zoro never carried this item. It certainly look like someone got into Rakuten’s computers and pulled a big one on them.

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Sorry @eibyer. When I picked up the box, from my dropoff, my heart sank because I knew. So I can imagine what it was like opening that package and seeing exactly what I saw.

It definitely seems like Zoro is relatively quick to resolve this (assuming I actually get my money back). I emailed them after I got my (4) GE bulbs and they pretty quickly authorized a refund and said that there was no need to send the bulbs back.

Interesting to note that the add-on model number, 12723, is in the barcode of the bulbs they sent.

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very interesting! My bulbs came yesterday, Definitely seems like a mix up, not a scam. If i had actually ordered bulbs, i would be very impressed with the packaging. Going to call and start my refund now…

I would say mixup, if I didn’t get ALL empty boxes.

The speed of shipping and the packaging were REALLY impressive.

I didn’t bother calling, just used their contact link on the site and attached a pdf copy of my rakuten order confirmation.

Just to note: the issue you are having with Rakuten here is likely no different than any other platform that can also list items for 3rd party sellers (Amazon, NewEgg, Ebay, etc). In fact, I had a 3rd party seller on Amazon scam me just back in November, with a promised shipment that never arrived. The good news was when I reported it to Amazon, they sent me my money back based upon their A-Z guarantee (and I didn’t need to deal with the seller directly at all). Turns out I was only one of a few hundred that had the issue with the seller, and all of a sudden their reviews went very negative.

At least it looks like there might have been an actual mixup vs. a scam (given the UPC picture above).

So don’t let this experience taint your opinion of Rakuten.

Are you sure there was nothing in them? They are super tiny bulbs. The box feels empty.

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OH! LOL, you’re right. I just checked them.

I guess I got what I paid for :slight_smile: