GE Z-Wave devices on sale at Walmart - YMMV

GE rocker switch $19 and dimmer rocker $21. Other devices discounted as well.


Dang. I check my area and some are available but…I’ve been changing out my 12s for the plus versions. These are the cheapest I’ve seen these.

Great Find!

Wish I needed more…that’s some great prices.

I’ve been watching these at $30 for a couple weeks, waiting for another cut. I saw the $19 and $21 prices this morning, and wanted to gamble for them dropping a bit lower, but now that the word is out… no time to lose. Just made a midnight run and got five dimmers, one switch, and one bulb for a funky older lamp. lots of stores are still at the $30 mark, so perhaps more will drop in the coming days/weeks. They weren’t exactly flying off the shelves at $30.

I don’t think most inventory will last at this price, so I do recommend buying now. Also note that there are a few stores with WeMo wifi switches for 12.50 (but not many, check here) if you have a switch somewhere that doesn’t necessarily need to be z-wave. They’ll likely be in the same area as the GE items, so heads up on that.

God forbid anyone go searching for these after they hit slickdeals… It’s gonna be a blood bath…

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SCORE! Thank you!

Got a couple switches and a motion sensor. Be aware, they were priced at $30 but I used the price checker at the store and they came up $21.

What section of the store are they? Hardware/electrical or the electronics department?

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I found them by the printers and hard drives in a locked cabinet at store by me.

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Thank you. I just visited a store that BrickSeek said had 4 and couldn’t find them. The hardware dept manager said they don’t sell switches this expensive but insisted if they did they would be in his department.

I then went to the electronics department and found a “smart home” section with a locked cabinet and found no switches. Only Google Home and light bulbs.

Guess I was expecting a section similar to Lowe’s. BrickSeek is obviously hit or miss.

Thank you so much. Found them in stock at Walmart in the electronics section. They told me they are discontinuing having them. Funny thing is now I can’t find them on brickseek, when they were there earlier today. Not sure what that means.

I asked two Walmart associates we’re they’re at and they had no clue. They were not in a place I would have thought they would be.

The 2 walmart’s i checked where both in electronics and on their own shelf for clearance.
Other things on clearance in TX was
GE 12720 Z-Wave 120-Volt Outdoor On/Off Plug-In Module $21
GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Motion Sensor $19
GE 12719 Z-Wave Indoor On/Off Plug-In Module $19
Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart LED Bulb $9

One walmart by me did not carry them, the other I found them in front of the locked cabinet in an unmarked “clearance” section. They also had some GE enbrighten bulbs for $9. everything was labeled for more than it rang up. smart switches@ 30 dimmer sitches @ 35, bulbs @ 15 and an outdoor switch labeled $35 rang up for $21

outdoor switch

GE enbrighten bulb:

Went to another store and scored 4 switches at $19. Dinners were still $35 so I will wait. Thanks all!

No luck here, $39.98 cheaper at Lowes.

Now that I am home I did a refresh on BrickSeek and the store I just purchased them from now shows out of stock since I purchased all of the on/off switches they had. Maybe the first store I went to does have them and in some sort of clearance section like others had mentioned.

They were in the electronics smarthome section for me; still regular price, had someone scan them to confirm.

Picked up 4 dimmers. They were in the electronics section locked up in a case with hue products. The price on the shelf was $35 but they rang up at $21.

At my local Walmart they were in a clearance aisle nowhere near electronics or hardware

They were in the closeout section a mine. Also had motion sensors for $15.
Now to find places for the ones I didn’t know I needed. Lol

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