Is GE comparable with JASCO?

I purchased GE Z-WAVE Smart Dimmer, 12724 from seller on Amazon. I received JASCO 45712.

I have several GE and like them, is JASCO comparable ?
I see JASCO’s cheaper, I paid $42 for the GE so I annoyed that the seller shipped me different product without checking with me first. JASCO is selling for $28 on amazon so makes me think I got cheated, although some sellers selling JASCO for $36, still less then I paid but closer.

The GE’s are just a relabel of the Jasco’s. Jasco makes the devices and licenses the GE name because they sell better at the big box stores.

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OK still a little annoyed because they seem to sell cheaper. Also the switch they sent me is sticky for some reason. But box was well sealed but the toggle is sticky, hopefully some goo-off will fix this.

Amazon has an incredibly easy return policy if they are fulfilled by Amazon.

If not, then the “A-to-Z Guarantee” still applies… Amazon leans towards taking the Customer’s side.

If you paid for GE, you should get GE, if only because the resale value is higher. Same device, different box, but it still makes a difference. :sunglasses:

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That’s how I feel. I am going to ask if they are willing to discount the switch. I am willing to keep it if they admit they screwed up and provide a discount.

This is a 3rd party sale and I had to pay shipping, so refund a little annoying. They issued refund label which wasn’t pre-paid so I contacted seller to request pre-paid label. Not sure about shipping cost for 3rd party.

Also annoying to have to return and wait for another from different seller.

Sure … But think of the pre-Amazon days when you’d have to drive back to the store and deal with the merchant face to face… oh; but then you would have seen the box… oh; but then you would have paid at least 30% more, … Sigh. :confused:

GE and JASCO are pretty much the same company. The older switches are the JASCO 456XX series and were packaged in the generic white contractor packaging. The new switches are the GE 127XX series in the new consumer packaging.

I also *think *that the new 127XX series requires you to have a neutral wire in the switchbox.

GE and Jasco are two very different companies. But Jasco has licensed the GE name to use on its home automation devices. They also sell those same devices for less (no licensing fee) under the Jasco name.

So same devices, different companies. :sunglasses:

Jasco also makes some items which are not made in GE versions.

So most Jasco-made items are sold under the GE brand. But most GE-branded items are not made by Jasco.

Not sure about that. I bought 2 wall sconces off an Amazon seller and one of them was damaged and because it was past 30 days by the time my contractor went to install them, Amazon didn’t side with me. I will never buy anything of a high value again unless it’s fulfilled by Amazon.

I stand corrected on multiple points. The 456XX was the older JASCO/GE switch that would not work well to dim LEDs and CFLs due to not having a neutral connection. The 457XX series is the new series of JASCO with the 3rd connection for a neutral wile and in the contractor packaging for and was not intended for retail. The 127XX series is the new GE branded switch with the 3rd neutral connection and in the consumer retail package.

Due to the 3rd neutral connection both the 457XX series and the 127XX series work just fine for dimming LEDs and CFLs and are virtually the same switch.

The switch looks fine (although for some reason it was sticky) and works fine. I am just upset that I was sent the lower priced item when I paid the premium price. So far the seller has not responded so I guess they don’t care, time to write a bad review on them, that is for sure.

Since you did not receive The specific item that you ordered, you can report it to Amazon. And if you paid by credit card you can tell your credit card company not to pay the vendor. You have to be prepared to send back the item that you have, though.

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I have contacted the seller asking for some credit. If they want to send me an item that should be lower cost I want to pay less. If they agree to that I am fine if not then it goes back.


Ummm… That’s because it was beyond 30 days! Very few stores will take returns for damages beyond that point, but American Express and some other credit cards extend this to 60 or 90 days.

I got a full refund for a Samsung microwave oven range hood, purchased from Lowes, with stripped installation screws this way.

Are these GE Dimmers the ones with the “instant status” reporting compared to the Linear Dimmers which take like 5-10seconds to report its status to Smartthings?

I can not speak for linear, I bought one but hated the design. The button is pressed only on the top as a toggle (on/off) if you press the bottom the entire button falls apart. I returned before hooking up.

But the status is pretty instant for my GE and the Jasco. Assuming SmartThings is working of course :smile:

Do you know for sure if it has the instant status feature. I believe Lutron has the patent on it and there is some Dimmer manufacturer who pays the royalty to use that feature. I just don’t know who it actually is.

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I guess I am not sure. I switch the light and the status changes, not sure what the definition of instant is in a world where the switch talks to a hub, the hub talks to a server in the cloud, the server sends a push request to my phone, my phone receives request over the air and displays new status.

Seems this has a pretty detailed thread of it’s own.

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GE switches do not license the Lutron instant status patent. Cooper does. Leviton does for some of its switches, but not all.

Check the conformance statement at the official Zwave Alliance products site. If it shows Hail as a controlled command set, it probably supports instant status.

Only dimmer wall switches are covered by the patent, btw. So in wall relays like the Aeon micros can typically do instant status without needing to license the patent.