Eaton RF9501DS Aspire Z-Wave Wireless Switch: $7.58 (Amazon)

note: hope you are patient - shipping time - Usually ships within 1 to 2 months. :slight_smile:

I believe this is mistake on the Item Code and what you get is a regular switch NOT Z-WAVE

There are several people that point this out in the comments (if it sounds to good to be true…)


If it’s a 9501, it’s not a Z wave switch. If it’s a RF9501, it is a Z wave switch. The product headline does not match the technical specs in this case, so it’s hard to tell, but just based on the price I’m guessing it’s the nonnetwork one.


Maybe they’ll be lucky & when they restock them in 2 months, they’ll actually be the ZW models lol

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It also doesn’t match the product photo, which is the non-Z-Wave version.

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The Slickdeals thread has great discussion on these. While it’s likely a pricing/inventory error of some sort, they have been on sale for awhile and were on sale awhile back as well, and if you bought from Amazon as the seller, you got the Z-wave model. Some folks there have ordered multiple dozens at a time and all were Z-wave from Amazon.

I purchased 4 this time around. If they come non-Z-wave, Amazon will get them back for a listing error. No sweat.


Is this easily integrated to the ST?

I’m still not quite clear on the single-pole thing… I have 2 GE switches and I’m not sure what pole they are.

Single pole switches just a standard on/off switch (either toggle or rocker) that controls one circuit.

A double pole switch controls two circuits.

If you use your GE switch as a standalone master, it’s a single pole switch. From the manual:

May be used in single pole installation or with up to two GE Add-on switches in 3-way or 4-way wiring con gurations

Just ordered one of these, can’t hurt right?

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Don’t order these; they don’t have the RF at the beginning of the model number and they are not Z-Wave. I had seven regular switches delivered and am working with the seller to get my money back.

Shouldn’t be an issue if purchased through Amazon.


It’s pretty pain free to get a refund, but it’s still a waste of time. They are not sending RF models, according to everybody.

If by “everybody”, you mean everybody that purchased from 3rd party sellers and/or the other colors from Amazon, then yes, “everybody” didn’t get the RF model.

Otherwise, if you read through the 14 pages and 200+ comments on SlickDeals, “everybody” that purchased Desert Sand color from Amazon is getting the RF model. Some have even received dozens at a time.

I hope you’re right; I just ordered another seven from the current listing and will eat my words for dinner if a <$8 Z-Wave switch actually gets delivered.

With the first batch that I got, the seller refunded me and told me to keep the devices. They’re uglier than sin, but if anyone wants some dumb single poles I will send some to you for the price of shipping.

Me too bro, for all of our sake. :grin:

More out of curiosity than need (actually, no idea where I might put these), I ordered a couple.

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That’s my issue, I have at least 1/2 dozen GE ZW & I think 3 Leviton ZW+ that I have nowhere to use. So regardless of the deal they will just be getting tossed into the spare parts box

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Does this support 3 way? Accordingly to its web site, it supports up to 4 way. Could anyone confirm this?


If you were talking about the RF 9501, which again, not everyone has received when ordering from this particular deal, then they will work as the master switch in a three-way but you have to buy the Cooper accessory switch for the auxiliary positions:

These are designed for a wireless three-way, not one that uses traveler wires, so the master won’t work with other brands of accessory switches that require traveler wires.