Z Wave Switch Status

I have a couple of plug-in switches that always show the same status in the app. They respond to commands from the app as well as smart apps but SmartThings never reports the new status. When using the physical button on the switches, SmartThings sees the update immediately and reports the new status.

Has anyone else experienced this with a switch? The particular model I am seeing this from is the Remotec ZDS-100US when changed to the “zwave switch” device type (they are both dimmers or switches via a switch on the device).

My light switches are all showing incorrect status / not responding to commands / responding on a really long delay, and have been for the last few days. The switches seem to be responding just fine to SmartApp commands, though.

Maybe there’s some backend wonkiness going on at ST?

I had a similar problem on one of the several zwave switches I have; I was able to fix it excluding and re-including the device.

Had the same problem. Fixed it by pulling the air gap (GE/Jasco switch) on the switch for a few seconds to cut the power to the electronics. If your switch does not have the air gap, try throwing the breaker to cut the power to it. You shouldn’t have to exclude/include, although that may fix the problem as well.

I figured it out, for this device anyway. When using one of these as a switch, I would also change the device type in the IDE to zwave switch as SmartThings paired them as dimmers even after flipping the switch on the back of the module. Turns out this was causing issues with SmartThings receiving the status after sending a command. Once I switch them back to dimmers, still in switch mode on device, they report just fine.

This is great and all but the device tiles include dimmer sliders which are useless and they show up in dimmer lists throughout the app. This drives my OCD into insane levels.

Little late to the party, but I thought I would post my findings for those looking.

I just changed mine from “Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic” to “Z-Wave Switch Generic”.
The controls instantly updated on my smartthings app and I’ve had no issues with connection as of yet.


You are replying to a thread which is five years old. Many things have changed in that time on the platform, and the options you are suggesting were not available the last time this thread was active.

There are many much more current threads on the forum which will give information accurate for today’s systems. It just tends to be confusing to people if you reanimate zombie threads from many years ago.