GE toggle Switch stoped responded totally

Anyone have this. I try and replace it and it won’t recognize it. I force delete it and try and add it and nothing. This is the first time I had this. The switch still works fine is it possible the zwave part went out?

I have an average one GE drop off the network every 2 months. You have to do a z-wave exclusion for the switch first. Then do a replace in the app. Quite a nice and easy process but not obvious in the provided steps in the app. Don’t replace without exclusion. It won’t work. Force delete will delete the switch but it’s a painful process with all the smartapps with the switch.

Since you have done it can you let me know if I am doing it right? Its just put in exclusion mode and press up right? Because that is what I did and nothing it won’t exclude or anything.

GE switches have a known issue where the Z wave can go wonky. The first thing to try is to reset at the circuit breaker, not at the airgap switch. That will solve it for a lot of cases, although obviously it’s annoying.


I will try that when I get home. I did not think of that and its easy as mine are labeled and it happens to be in the master bedroom so not to troublesome.

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No guarantees, but like you say, it’s easy, so it’s worth a try.

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It worked thank you!!!

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I like to think of this like rebooting your computer when it gets wonky that it’s time to try a reboot of your smartthings device. This is good troubleshooting advice for any of your devices not just GE to totally remove power temporarily. I just had to do it by unplugging power to my SmartCam and also had to “reboot” one of my motion sensors by removing/replacing the battery recently. It certainly worth a shot since it’s an easy first step before digging deeper into the other troubleshooting steps.

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