GE smart plug

Walmart has (at least at my local one in the electronics) GE smart plugs zwave on sale for $15 (reg $40). I bought all 3 they had lol. Pretty good deal I think considering most plugs are about $40 and I got 3 for $45 :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a good price. I recall paying $45 for them a few years back. Recently I have been switching over to the new Iris Zigbee plugs to support my Zigbee mesh for sensors. But these plugs ALSO repeat Z-wave, so my Z-wave mesh is not sacrificed. Unfortunately, puts me back at $45.

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Do you recall which model/part # that is? I’ve wiped out the stores around me for the in-wall dimmers and switches, but for $15 I’m sure I can find a use for some plugs.

This. I’ve done the same I have 3 Iris Gen 2 smart plugs which extend both Z-Wave and zigbee. They are expensive at around $37 a pop but if they go on sale I just keep picking up more it helps you get to my zigbee devices that are outside

How about a link as I can’t find that anywhere?

No link brick and mortar Walmarts have been clearing out all their old smarthome devices for a while. It’s a matter of looking at your local stores. Seeing if they are marked down and if any are left.

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What was your local store? And when did you last see them?

How quaint :grinning:

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Funny that it takes the lure of clearance-priced devices to get us into an actual store. I’ve seen the inside of more Walmarts in the past three months than I’ve seen in the past 10 years!

Not even that gets me into the store. Although the wife had to pu some stuff for work and I was with her a couple weeks ago. So I did use the opportunity to check out the clearance shelf for anything I couldn’t live without. I left disappointed and empty handed.

Never has my local store had any Z-Wave or Zigbee devices on clearance. Either has Lowes. A matter of fact my local Home depot has so little in stock, I order online.

You have my condolences. I think there may be a 12-step program for it though.

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Ah, yes, that one. I haven’t seen that one at any of my local stores. They would be $19 for me though, which is still a good price.

Not unlike trying to configure some devices to work with ST! :thinking:

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Link to check your area some for $10 around me but most are $19

This is a continuation of this topic:

I guess there are still a few of these items still out there and people are still finding them. They are a good deal when you can find them on the clearance racks.