Lowes GE Z-wave in wall switches 25% off


Lowes GE Z-wave in wall switches 25% off


Switch prices insane or what?

The ZigBee dimmer is on sale as well.


(Allan) #3

With Coupons standard switches could be as low as $23 and dimers around $28.

(MarkTr) #4

This is odd…I put these in my cart yesterday and they were listed as 5% off. I just reloaded the page and it says they’re 22% off, but the sale price hasn’t changed…just the list price I guess? Hm.

(MarkTr) #6

My Lowe’s didn’t have the sale price marked on the shelf. Didn’t check whether they rang up correctly, since I’d ordered mine online for store pickup.

The cashier tried to offer me someone else’s order because it also contained GE switches… If you’re on here A Hurdle, I didn’t take it - you’re welcome. :rofl:

(MacTechGenius) #7

I missed this…needed some switches

(jkp) #8

did you look elsewhere? Oh look, Wally mart has them for $28


Nice find.