GE Z-Wave Plus Switches and Dimmers on Sale @ Lowes

Example: - $38

Combine with one of the many 10% off, $15 off $50, $20 of $100, etc coupons for lowes available: to make it even cheaper.

Edit: There are some $15 off $75 coupons out there so the example dimmer above would be $76 for two - $15 = $61 for both.

Has anyone started seeing Lowes discount out the prior model? As in the one
that’s not ZWave plus?

Not only have I not seen this but prices on similar products don’t seem to make sense. I.e. a EcoLink Z-Wave tilt sensor is $26 and the Z-Wave Plus is $25 last I looked on Amazon.

I have a deal alert set on for “GE Z-Wave” which is how I knew about the above deal, needed 2 more switches to finish everything I plan on automating and 2 more standard dimmers but with these being $31 each after coupons it doesn’t make much sense to me to buy a standard dimmer for $20 so I just bought 4 of these and debating 2 more.

FYI - both my orders shipped already, 2 orders with 2 on each to maximize the coupon savings.

So I got my 4 switches (2 orders of 2 each to use a $15 off $75). Weird thing was I got 3 in one type of box (two seals on back and entire box cover comes off) and one that opened from the top. The one that opened from the top seemed DOA. I brought it back to a local Lowes, said I wanted to exchange it, they said I can go grab the replacement. Did so, they did whatever they do to do the return and handed me back my receipt along with what I thought was the new one in a bag. Get home and it was my old one. :frowning: So literally I returned a faulty one to get the same one back and they probably “returned” the new in box one as bad. Now debating going back to Lowes and trying again or just replace/return online. PITA.

Also these function differently then the non-plus versions. I have had some issues with the 12724 non-plus dimmers when used with my ceiling fan lights (3x 40w candelabra bulbs). I tried Cree bulbs and anything under 35% was full brightness then anything over dimmed properly. Also randomly I’d turn on the GE switch and the light would blink on and then off even though the switch showed it on. I’d have to turn off, wait, and turn back on. Sometimes it took 3 or 4 tries. Again, assumed it was the bulbs. So I replaced the Cree bulbs with Phillips Warm Glow in all the fans but one and the problem seemed to go away. Every once in a while I’d have to blink on and off issue but not nearly as much and dimming worked fine. However the switches worked perfectly with Cree down lights (6" retrofits), no issues at all.

Fast forward to these new Z-Wave Plus dimmers. Now my Phillips can’t be dimmed below about 10% without flickering (worked fine on old dimmer). Also the one ceiling fan that I still had Cree bulbs in works properly now, no issue dimming below 35% and no issues with the blink on and off.

Just a warning for those getting these. It might fix issues you are having, it might create new problems, or for me it will do both.


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HI. I’m new to setting up light automation and all things smart home. I do have the SmartThings hub and a bunch of lightify bulbs already setup. I’m trying to see the value of these switches. If I have a switch does this mean I can use regular LED bulbs (not smart bulbs) and still be able to setup dimming and automation?


Yes, all my LEDs are “dumb” and i use GE switches (and regular) to turn them on and off.

Thanks! That would make like a whole lot easier (and cheaper) :slight_smile:

Smart bulbs are great for color, mood lighting. You will likely find that over time you will end up just replacing most wall switches ( and outlets) with smart ones. This maintains local idiot proof control for service outages. Last month I noticed that the light in one of our stairwells wasn’t working, so I replaced the battery in the PIR. A few days later I asked my daughter and she said it still wasn’t working ,so I checked the logs & it showed that it was in fact reporting motion & temp, not showing that ST sent command to turn on the Hue bulb. I’ve been having issues with ST-Hue integration, so I went out and bought Hue motion sensor to replace the Iris. As I’m installing the new Hue motion sensor, I look over & see the light switch flickering. Someone had turned off the dumb wall switch, which is the only reason why the light had not been working for going on a month.

I started with Smart Bulbs but have slowly migrated to GE Switches… just seems to work better for us to have a choice of using a switch, using Alexa, or using WebCore

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