GE / Jasco switch clicking?

I tripped a breaker today and when I flipped it back on, one of my GE switches isn’t working anymore. It just makes a clicking noise and doesn’t appear on my z wave network anymore. All signs point to it being dead, just curious if anyone can confirm or if someone’s found a way to bring one back. Thanks!

Which model GE switch? The older ones are known to fail. I had one go bad after a power outage as well, it refused to work afterwards even manually.

sometimes the air gap pull is slightly loose, one time i pulled my switches air gap and pushed it back in and the switch came back from the dead.

I had this happen to me for one of the older on/off versions. I’m sorry to report it’s most likely dead.

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This happened to me too, after a power outage. It was a Zwave+ switch, not a dimmer (running a ceiling fan). It was still under warranty, so I called Jasco. They had me send it back to them and they sent me a new one.

Good luck.

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Also check the wiring. I read a factory reset can fix it in some cases as well.

These switches are junk. I have had 9 fail over 8 months.

Just had the same problem with 2 GE toggle type switches.

Put these switches in my entire house and just had two with this clicking issue. No amount of resetting seemed to fix it. Unfortunately it has been about 2.5 years so out of warranty :(.

Anyone know what exactly breaks inside the switch? Anything easy to get a part for and solder back in?