GE / Jasco switch clicking?

I tripped a breaker today and when I flipped it back on, one of my GE switches isn’t working anymore. It just makes a clicking noise and doesn’t appear on my z wave network anymore. All signs point to it being dead, just curious if anyone can confirm or if someone’s found a way to bring one back. Thanks!

Which model GE switch? The older ones are known to fail. I had one go bad after a power outage as well, it refused to work afterwards even manually.

sometimes the air gap pull is slightly loose, one time i pulled my switches air gap and pushed it back in and the switch came back from the dead.

I had this happen to me for one of the older on/off versions. I’m sorry to report it’s most likely dead.

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This happened to me too, after a power outage. It was a Zwave+ switch, not a dimmer (running a ceiling fan). It was still under warranty, so I called Jasco. They had me send it back to them and they sent me a new one.

Good luck.

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Also check the wiring. I read a factory reset can fix it in some cases as well.

These switches are junk. I have had 9 fail over 8 months.

Just had the same problem with 2 GE toggle type switches.

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