GE / Jasco switch clicking?

I have quite a few in need of repair. I wonder whether the issue is bad caps, or a faulty design where, for example, the cap is either too low in voltage or maybe the capacitance is incorrect. Were the caps bulging or leaking? Thanks for sharing how to fix them. I will just for fun, but will not reinstall them as I am converting all my outlets to zigbee anyway.

story on the street was that the electrolyte formula was stolen from japan, but there is also a stabilizer that they didn’t get. now seems someone else is using this bad formula…
thanks for the mouser part, i will order a dozen and have about 8 that have been retired. this cap was causing havoc on my zwave network…

Cap wasn’t swollen or burnt. Looked just fine. I didn’t test it after removal.

After having to cut the circuit for a few hours I finally got it back on and was welcomed with my outlet clicking every second when I turned it on. It actually responds in smartthings to on/off commands, but when on it goes clicking crazy. Button on outlet does nothing. Might have to follow above device to see if that is the problem.

How old is the switch? GE/Jasco upped their warranty to 5 years recently and if you are within that window call them for a warranty replacement. A power outage caused two of my switches to start clicking and I got brand new Enbrighten switches as a result.

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I appreciate the heads up! AND, sorry for the 30day late reply! BUT, I was a few months short of 5 years and Jasco replaced the plug without issue. I had to take it out and send them pics of the date code and my invoice, but a couple weeks later a new plug showed up.


Thanks guys! I have about 5 of the “clickers” all on/off that I’ve been meaning to replace but haven’t yet. Called CS and it was as simple as sending them a picture of the switch with the wall plate removed and them sending out replacements.

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