GE/Jasco 14291 - Clicking will not turn on

Hey all,
Came into my office last week, went to turn on the light switch (which is a GE/Jasco 14291) and the switch turned on my device (a wired outlet for lamps) and immediately turned off and started clicking about once every 2-3 seconds. I could only get it to stop by removing the power, but it no longer works properly. Is there a reset or something or some minor electrical troubleshooting I can do on the switch itself to correct the issue? (Switch has been working fine for over 2 years and this happened suddenly).


Ahhh the click of death…

Pull power at the breaker. Let it stay off for about 5 minutes. Reconnect power.

If its still clicking its probably dead. Replace it.

If it stops clicking and returns to you start making arrangements for a replacement because it will click again.


Thanks Nathan. I’ve already replaced it and tried the 5-15 mins off power, no dice. Is there something common that affects this switch that I could investigate? Loose solder joint, bad chip? Something else?

The switch thinks it’s overheating so it’s turning itself off. That’s the click that you hear.

If it’s still under warranty, contact Jasco support. Otherwise, as @nathancu said, if you can’t get it to go away with the steps outlined, it’s just gone bad. It happens. :disappointed_relieved:


Its the relay, I took the switch apart and its to involved to try an replace the relay.

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