GE Switch Failure

I have one of these GE switches in my garage. I also have a couple motion sensors controlling the this switch. It turns on if there is motion and turns off after 10 min.

I’ve had this switch replaced under warranty 4 different times in the past 2 years.

I have 120V at the outlet. The temperature ranges between 35F and 90F depending on the time of year. The switch seems to work fine for a few months(3-5mo) and then stops responding. It makes a “clicking” sound when activated like the relay inside is trying to close or is operating but nothing happens. When the switch fails, it is always in the ON position.

Resetting the switch using the reset procedure(3x UP / 3x DN) only resets the Zwave module and does nothing to the switch. Also removing power from the unit does nothing.

The company Jasco has no answers. I’ve sent them switches that have failed and they have no solution. My only thought is that the lights turn on/off probably 20 times a day so after a few months, the switch is shot based on duty cycle or something.

I have 6-8 other GE switches that I’ve had for 5-6 years with no issues. Its only the switch in the garage location.

Anyone else have experience with this or have any other ideas?

Yes we’ve seen the same issue with the older Z-Wave GE switches, they’ve all eventually failed, particularly those in a higher temp region for e.g. used with attic fans.

The newer Z-Wave Plus models seem to be more reliable. We haven’t encountered any issues as yet, with either the paddle or toggle switch versions.

I have just went through a rash of my old GE Z-Wave switches failing. I think I have replaced 4 in the last 6 months. In every case they just started turning on and off continually. Each time they failed was after I had turned off power to the circuit and then re-applied. They were all more than 3 or 4 years old and all are toggle type switches.

I moved about a year or so ago and my wife wanted paddle type switches instead of toggle in the house.
So I had bought new switches for the new house. I have only been using the toggles I brought over from the last house in my shop and garages. So the temp extremes may be the issue.


The only thing different with my current switch issue is the temperature. The remainder of my switches are inside the house. Its powered by the same voltage/power system as the rest of the switches. If the switch was old when failing, I could understand but I’ve had this switch fail in 3-5 months time… multiple times. I’m not sure what to do at this point other than try another brand.

Odd situation indeed. I have had older non-plus and plus GE switches in my garage for over 5 years and no issues. I live in NC where the temperatures get pretty warm in the summer so not sure what to say other than could there be a wiring issue causing spikes or could the amperage be too high on this circuit? Maybe try a Zooz or Inovelli to see if they work.

I have a total of (11) GE switches throughout the house. They are a combination of (7) dimmers and (4) on/off switches. They are between 2 and 4 years old. One of them (on/off) has gone bad while exhibiting the constant on/off clicking that’s been described. So, I’ve had pretty good luck so far. Sorry for the OP’s issues.

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