GE Enbrighten Smart Switch Issue

I have about 12 ge smart zwave switches throughout my home and they have been ok for the most part. I am running into a bit of trouble trying to add a new one. When I go to add the device by scanning the qr code it adds it as a zigbee dimmer switch. Then it keeps adding it over and over until there are 4 controllers. I have deleted them, and have unplugged the hub from power for 30 minutes, and pulled the air gap on the switch and the dang this still pop up when i search for new devices. I have even gone as far a purchasing a new switch thinking that it might be bad and same thing happens. Any ideas?

Ok I got the switch to add. But still have these 4 ghost zigbee switches. I delete them and unpluged for a hour and they still com back when you add a new device

Does this device support scene controls? I’m just wondering as I have some devices that do and they create child devices to support the other functions. I’m not familiar with that specific switch, just throwing out ideas.