GE Enbrighten Z-wave Smart Dimmer 46203 Problems

Hey All,

I just installed 5 of the newer GE Dimmers. They were much faster to install and the smaller size made it a breeze.

However, I can’t get them to joined to my V2 ST bridge. I’ve tried all the usual tricks to exclude them, reset them, etc to no avail. I’m starting to think that it has to do with the new S2 security stuff. In the new App, the bar code scanning fails instantly.

I started digging through the forums here, and there has been a bunch of talk about certifications and “coming soon” statements. Does anyone know of any updates? I’m 250 bucks in the hole on these switches and I’m concerned I can’t return them since I already installed them.

Thanks for any guidance you all may have - John

  1. any custom device handlers installed in IDE for z-wave switches? if yes, try opening them and Publish for Me. Then exclude and try to pair. There is a known issue with stale handlers preventing devices from pairing.
  2. Have you tried > Add Device > GE > switch/dimmer > z-wave or Add Device > z-wave?
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Wow JKP… You’re a life saver!

It was finicky as hell! I did neglect the custom device handlers as I wasn’t getting that far and didn’t think it would apply… so that was on me. But after that… in the new app, I had to exclude it, reset the switch (3 up 3 down), I had to scan, cancel, scan again… and nothing would happen until I went to get a beer. If I didn’t follow those steps exactly in that order, it wouldn’t work.

Thanks again! -John