Added GE 14292 switch and a mystery GE Link Daylight Bulb keeps showing up

Last night I added a GE 14292 Zwave plus toggle switch to my system, previously consisting of about 10 other zwave plus devices and worked well. This is when I’ve started having issues…

Now I have a GE Link Daylight Bulb showing up in my things, but I don’t own one of those, nor have I added it to my system. I’ve deleted it twice now, but it keeps coming back.

Anyone else seen odd behavior like this?

Thanks in advance.

…could the new z-wave toggle be extending your range and pulling in a neighbors bulb they was never linked? I don’t think this is possible but you could always add it in and at night turn it off and on and watch their house. :slight_smile:

I would look in the IDE and see if it’s actually a GE link bulb and not one of your device with a wrong DTH during discovery. GE link is Zigbee and possible it’s from your neighbor but unlikely since the z-wave won’t repeat or extend its range.

Thanks Guys. So I think you’re right that it was a neighbors daylink bulb(s).

I switched out the GE toggle switch for a Leviton switch to match most of my other switches / dimmers. The GE toggle switch felt slow to respond to even manual input anyways. After doing this, the daylink bulbs showed up a few more times and kept deleting them, and now they’re gone and haven’t come up for a few days.

I never added the daylink bulbs during pairing though - any adea why they were automatically being added to my network?


I bought and I stalled a get 14292 and an add on switch. They manually work fine. I paired the smart switch and it came up as a zwave switch, but doesn’t work right. Reports wrong status, sometimes works sometimes not. Do I need to pair the add on? not sure I choose the right get switch from the manual list. Any help would be appreciated for this noob

You don’t need to pair the add on to smartthings since it’s not really a smart switch and report only to its master switch. Sounded like a mesh issue. Maybe try doing a z-wave repair and being the hub closer or reposition the hub to see if there’s improvement.

I’m a little bit late to the party, but I’ve had the same issue for about 3 years now. I have the same switch and I also have a GE Link Bulb showing up that I’ve deleted numerous times. I’ve just started ignoring it.

See above. It most likely is your neighbors.