GD00Z-2 not opening Chamberlain Model: LW2200 garage opener

I am having a Chamberlain Model: LW2200 garage opener and I installed a Linear GD00Z-2 remote opener in order to use it with my ADT Pulse. I am able to see on ADT pulse the status change - open/close - as the tit sensor works fine but I cannot actually make open or close the garage door. I am sending the command - open /close the z wave makes the warning signals - flashing for 5 seconds but nothing after that. All the connections seem to be okay, pairing is okay as I can see it on my app. Any suggestions? Thanks

Read through this thread.

Is your wall button a simple push button? Or doors it have motion built in? The linear is not compatible with ask that fancy stuff.

My wall button is a simple push button.

Can you post a close up picture of where the wires go into the Chamberlain

both white wires of z wave go into the the red and white ports of Chamberlain, first and second port from the left. The other ports are taken from the reverse garage safety features. I will try to take a picture of it though

No worry. I know those are crazy tight fits.

Try removing the wires front the push button and only using the linear wires… Making sure you have good contact.

are you referring to the wires that are already installed in Chamberlain and are connected to the wall single button?

Strip the wires a little longer than what the factory stripped. This is the issue I had installing my GZ004 just 2 days ago on my Liftmaster Garage Door panel

I removed the wires from the back of the opener, used only the linear wires - switched places, still nothing …

stripped them longer than they were, still nothing…

Just ruling it out.

I called the installer of my garage door opener (Chamberlain Elite Series, Model 3850) and was told a very similar thing. Expanded features of the “Smart Panel” opener (motion sensing light, remote opener lockout, safety sensors, etc) result in incompatibility with Z-wave control devices. I had seen a PDF with a list of known incompatible openers here: (link is at bottom of the page).
My model was not listed there, so I figured I was good to go. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I have a second garage door opener (smaller of the 2 doors in my 3 car garage) that has a “dumb” push button opener, so I ended up installing the GC00z opener on that device instead. Not 100%, but still allows me to control access to the garage remotely as needed.