Z-Wave Garage Door works then stops working

Ok, so I can get ST to find Z-Wave Garage Door. I’ve even got it to work correctly once I connected the wires from the device to the garage door opener and, thru the ST app; closed the garage door.

But after that, the whole thing stops working. Even weirder; the garage door opener button, which lights up when power is connected to it, turns off as long as I have the wire from the device connected to the garage door opener terminal. When I remove the wire from the device to the garage door opener, the garage door works fine.

Is the Z-Wave Garage Door Opener shorting out my wiring? Why does it work on the initial first try and then fail immediately afterrword when I attempt to open it from the app?

is your garage door opener make and model also classified, can you not reveal it?

Yes the Zwave device acts like a short, as it intended to do (what is that device make and model?). It’s a little unusual that you said you can make it work once or twice initially. It usually does not work well with lit wall-buttons; the light implies a garage opener system that is a little more complicated, that requires a workaround, where you can solder wires from the Zwave module, to the wall-button contacts on its circuit board (not to its wires). There are many examples of posts with this workaround done.

examples search “solder button garage”

I’m sure that’s very true frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: In order to troubleshoot, we will need the brand and model number for both the original garage door controller and the Z wave device.

Also, this is just a community forum, where other customers will try to help you. It’s not an official support forum. So if you want to get help from the company, use the support link at the top right of the first page of this forum. (Although for wiring issues, normally they tell you to get in touch with the Z wave device manufacturer first.)

Sounds like either you have the wrong wires connected or the z-wave opener contact stays closed all the time.
Post opener brand and model and what wires you connected.

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Apologies for not including details on the unit. It’s a chamberlain PD612DM 1/2 horsepower.

The wall button has a big white button that is lit up to indicate its got power connected. Then there is a button for the garage unit to turn on it’s lights and and a button to “lock”.

Brand and model of the zwave device?

Linear GoControl GD00Z-4

OK, most likely you have run into this:

Since 2013 some garage door opener manufacturers have incorporated custom features that utilize a proprietary interface from the wall button to the motor. The GD00Z does not support these special interfaces.

But customer support for Linear can confirm one way or the other, and help you with the wiring:


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It’s controlled wireless. You need to connect wires from GD00Z-4 to the wall remote to mimic pushbutton press.
Cannot be wired directly to the opener which has no terminal for that.

Ooooooh!! Good idea!! I’ll have to give that a try.