Connecting Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Remote Controller to Chamberlain

(Douglas Folsom) #1

I am trying to connect my Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Remote Controller to my Chamberlain Liftmaster 3/4 hp 41AC075-2A.

I have the Linear connected to my Smartthings, but cannot get the app to open or close the garage door.

I have connected the two wires from the Linear to the two wires from the wall mounted opener, and nothing,

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

(James Yeo) #2

Does the tilt sensor show the door as open and closed properly when you run the door normally?

I just installed the Linear and had a heck of a time getting it all to play nice. Several cycles of excluding, factory resetting, pairing the tilt sensor to the linear, linear to ST.

Also, during setup I had 3 batteries go dead in the tilt sensor… which seemed really odd and I only discovered by trial and error. Nothing will work if there is any issue with that tilt sensor.

(Douglas Folsom) #3


THANKS so much for your help.

Yes, the tilt sensor does show correctly.

I have connected the 2 wires from the Linear to the door opener using the
same connections as the Wall opener.

I will definitely try doing the factory reset and re-pairing.

Where did you connect the two wires from the Linear?

Thanks again


(Bill Ho) #4

I remember a few garage door openers are not compatible with the Linear controller. Did you check the list? I think Chamberlain is one of them not compatible.

(James Yeo) #5

Chamberlains that use the MyQ aren’t compatible. I think any opener that uses the not-fancy, doorbell and wire kind of button is fine.

is the instructions that helped me. Also, I did all the pairing in the house, once it worked I took it out and installed it, then ran a z-wave repair to make sure the network was optimum

I installed my linear next to the opener up on the ceiling. Just ran it’s wires to the same terminals as where he button wired in