Garage Door Opener - Randomly opens and closes

My ST Hub is paired with Lowes GD00Z-1 garage door opener and working fine from past more than a year.
Past 3 days, the garage door is opening randomly, and it closed automatically too once, during the day time (my home is in Disarmed / Home mode, while I am away at work, I should add)
I don’t have any automations to open/close it, other than the Night Routine, which just locks everything, and closes the garage door, if open.
Thanks to my neighbors, I got texts asking if I was at home, which told me that it opened again while I was at work, and I closed it, but its becoming more of a security issue with all these random triggers.
I did some search on the forum and seems others have faced this issue, but don’t see any concrete resolutions anywhere.
What do you guys recommend or suggest should be the next step ?


Is it using the default DH? or custom?

Sorry, dont know what DH is. Can you elaborate ?
If you are referring to Disarmed / Home mode, then yes, its default one. Nothing custom.

DH is device handler.

What does the recent tab say?

I was the same way when I started this ST’s journey. After 2 years I’m slowly figuring it out. DH is the device handler (kinda a mini program) for that specific device. Guessing you just “added a thing” to connect your opener to ST’s, so it just used the standard/basic device handler for your opener. I’m finally trying to get fancy with custom device handlers & that gets a little complicated for a non coding/low tech guy like me.

I’m also having some of the same problems with my opener. But mine will just randomly open 2 minutes after my wife leaves for work. Once every 3 months, twice a week, worked perfect for 9 months.

Namespace/Name GitHub Repository Status Capabilities OAuth Sessions
blebson : DCS-930L Unpublished Configuration, Image Capture, Notification, Refresh, Sensor, Switch, Switch Level, Video Camera, Video Capture

I have 4 such rows (for 4 cameras).

Well, ST identifies this device as a “Z-Wave Garage Door Opener”. I didn’t add anything custom.
And yes, my door is also opening within minutes of me leaving, I just realized, thats the pattern, 2 days in a row. It opened once more, after I closed it remotely today morning.
Whats funny is, in the device history, it tells me that the door opened and closed automatically yesterday around noon time.

2017-05-01 1:06:51.846 PM EDT
22 hours ago DEVICE door closed Garage Door Opener door is closed
2017-05-01 12:18:52.512 PM EDT
23 hours ago DEVICE door open Garage Door Opener door is open


I had some similar issues a while back including the garage door coming down just as I was backing out of the garage. After that incident, I removed all of my automations of any kind and it’s been stable ever since. I can still manually open or close the garage door but nothing automated.

You mean you cannot open it via Smartthings App anymore, and just manually control using Door opener control panel, the physical switch ?
I would go that route and remove my GoControl/Linear branded device, but that would also mean I would be always skeptical about my locks and other devices at home going forward.

Yes, I can still open with the SmartThings app but nothing is automated.

Thats what I have as well. Nothing automated, except the “Good Night” mode, which just closes the door, if its open. Nothing fancy.

These issues really need to be traced.

An occasional outage or GUI bug is expected and explicable … but pardon the broken record: “ghost events” just cross the line.

This isn’t a finger pointing exercise … because there’s nowhere to point fingers. I have experienced … only one, two? ghost events in over 4 years of using SmartThings.

Anyone that has a repeating situation is an ideal candidate to “step up” for everyone and partner with SmartThings to find the root cause(s)… please?


one thing to help rule out a rouge automation rule is to add a push notification to your automations that open or close it. This way you’ll get an alert if one of them is the cause. You should also see this on the recently tab for the deice, though.


I contacted support, and as expected, I was told to remove the door opener from the network, reset hub and set it again like a new one. I followed everything religiously.

As expected, again, right at 10.01 PM ET, the door opened wide open. My wife was in the room above the Garage, so she went down and closed it.

I have setup notifications, but I dont think I am feeling comfortable at the moment.

post a screen shot of the recent tab for the device

Hi @gps470,

I recommand a smart outlet before the garage door plug.
And have it turn off when you are either not at home or in a certain mode.
This is my solution if you look up my garage door automation project thread from a while back.

I’m using @Rboy’s DTH for my GD00Z, so my device history is a little different. It shows an event for the opening or closing activity, and an event for the final sensor status of open/close. This allows me to tell if ST was the initiator of the open/close activity.

I guess my question is, does your device history also make it possible to distinguish between a manual vs. ST initiated open/close activities? Can you rule out that the open/close event isn’t triggered from a non-ST source?


I am sorry. Is this what you were asking for ?

The one in the app. Looks like this: