Zwave door locks randomly opening and closing

Tonight various kwikset zwave door locks started randomly opening and closing multiple times. It has been continuing for 2 hours until I unplugged the ST hub. I’m trying to troubleshoot…it has never happened in the 2 years I’ve used the hub.

Early today I attempted to update a lock code via the Smart locks app. It had failed. It seems like maybe related but hoping for any thoughts on how to get my system back running.

Something is terribly wrong with the Kwikset Z-Wave Locks and ST. Batteries draining, loosing connection, ghost commands, intermittent issues, etc…There are many reports of this behavior after the last firmware update. Hopefully ST fixes the issue soon. Nothing you can really do outside of switching to the stock DTH and running a Z-Wave Repair for now.

Thx. What is DTH?

Device Type Handler. It’s the “type” of device that you can select in the IDE.

Got it. I’m using the ST default.

I would suggest calling ST support

When you reboot the hub it loses the logs so ST can’t help. For ST to help they need the logs.
Try this, when it’s happening, open the IDE -> My Hubs -> View Utilities -> Click Send hub logs

Now they have a copy of the logs. If you want we can take a crack here as well to see what’s sending the commands. In the IDE -> My Devices -> Click on your Lock -> List events -> find the event where the lock is sent an unlock or a lock command. Click on the TIMESTAMP, copy paste the information here and we could try to figure out what’s going on.

An easier way would be in teh Classic app, open My Home, Click on our lock, click on the Recently tab and take a look at the events. If an app is sending that information the name of the app will show up there.